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Sacramento Product Liability Claims

Sacramento Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims often arise when a family member is injured because of a defect or error in manufacturing. Although many products are subject to recall, it can take a long time before this happens. In addition, some defects in products may be hidden and cause serious injuries. This is why consulting a lawyer experienced in product liability cases is important, particularly when severe injuries are involved.

Motor Vehicle Defects

Motor vehicle defects can occur in any part of a car, motorcycle, van, bus or truck. While many defects are minor in nature, others can actually cause a collision. Motor vehicle defects can add to the severity of injuries that would not have occurred otherwise. When these injuries occur, a product liability claim may be placed by the injured party to recover damages. Some auto products that can contribute to an accident or its severity include:

  • Airbags that are defective have been in the news for years. The Takata airbag, which was installed on millions of vehicles, is an example. In some cases, the airbag malfunctioned, sending metal shards into those inside the vehicle. Other dangers include airbags that deploy too late, too forcefully or not at all.
  • Gas pedal or brake defects can have disastrous results. Brakes that fail or an accelerator that gets stuck can cause a major collision with resulting injuries or fatalities. Product liability claims can arise from accidents of this type.
  • Crushed roofs occur when a vehicle is designed with a defect that does not protect those inside when a rollover happens. This results in crush injuries or traumatic brain damage in many instances. It also raises the risk of fatalities. Crushed roof injuries and fatalities occur most often in SUVs, vans, light trucks and golf carts.
  • Defective door latches can cause an unbelted individual to fall from the car. It can also increase the danger of ejection during a collision or rollover.
  • Seat belts that are defective may break with the impact of a collision. In addition, a defective buckle may let go, causing the occupant inside to collide with the windshield or steering wheel.
  • Defective tires due to design or manufacturing problems can blow out and cause an accident, resulting in product liability claims. Tread or steel belt separation are examples of defective tires. Another problem that can cause an accident is when a vehicle is sold with tires that are insufficient for the weight of the vehicle. This is sometimes seen in RVs because of their heavy loads, which can cause a serious accident.

Truck Defects

Defective parts in trucks can lead to catastrophic accidents. Product liability claims can be placed for injuries or fatalities in an accident when a defective part led to the crash. Some of the major reasons that defective parts in a truck can cause an accident include:

  • An engine that stalls due to a defective part
  • Brake or brake light malfunctions
  • Defective tires
  • Fuel pump, accelerator or steering wheel defects

Airplane Defects

Around 22 percent of airplane crashes are due to mechanical failure. Inadequate stall warnings, flawed design, manufacture defects, and poor instructions can all contribute to an airplane accident. A products liability claim may be pursued with the help of an experienced airplane crash lawyer.


Boats, jet skis and other equipment used in the water can be affected by defects that endanger the user. Engines, electronics, gauges, and warning alarms can be defective, and that can lead to a serious accident. In the event a boater rents equipment that causes an injury, a products liability lawsuit may be possible in addition to holding the company responsible.

Claims for Defective Products

Defective product liability claims are of three types. They are handled through the state. The first is a defect in the design. The second is a defect in manufacturing, and the third is a labeling or warning defect. Because the burden of proof is shifted in some products liability cases, the plaintiff (you) does not have to prove it was defective. An experienced products liability lawyer can help by gathering the information needed to support your claim and handle your case for compensation.

Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer

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