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April 07, 2023
Edward Smith

Downtown Area Closed Down to Investigate the Cause of the Pedestrian Fatality

An accident involving a motor vehicle in downtown Sacramento on April 4 resulted in a pedestrian fatality. The collision happened around 1:40 p.m. close to 8th and P streets, according to a spokeswoman for the Sacramento Police Department. The motorist who struck the walker remained at the accident site.

The pedestrian, Shanmugan Pirabarooban, 50, of Rocklin, died at the accident scene. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Pirabarooban family to assist with final resting expenses.

Accident Investigation Underway

Authorities shut down P Street between 10th and 7th streets, as well as 8th Street between Q and O to conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident. Motorists were encouraged to stay away from the area and use alternate routes. 

Bereavement After a Loved One’s Death

It is heartbreaking to lose a loved one to wrongful death. In wrongful death claims, a family can hold the at-fault driver accountable even though it may be the last thing they want to consider. They will never be able to replace their loved one. It won’t ease their grief. However, it can help them feel at peace with themselves and the person they lost. 

Many grieving families have obtained compensation with the help of our injury lawyers over the years. We treat your family like our own because we understand what you’re going through. To discuss your case, answer your questions, and discuss your options to recover damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Who Can Sue for a Pedestrian Fatality?

A claim for wrongful death can be filed by the executor of the deceased’s estate or by a member of the deceased’s immediate family. It is possible to file only one claim. Wrongful death claims can be filed by the spouse or putative spouse, the children, including stepchildren who received at least half of their support from the deceased. Grandchildren of the deceased may join the lawsuit if their parent died before their grandparent’s fatal accident. Among the damages that can be pursued by family members are:

  • Funeral and burial expenses are recovered.
  • Until they would have reached the age of retirement, the deceased loved one’s family could recover the earnings the deceased loved one would have made.
  • Families receive compensation for benefits such as pensions, health insurance, bonuses, and other perks the decedent received while employed. The claim may be supported by tax returns and other documentation if the decedent was self-employed.
  • Upon the death of a spouse, the survivor in the marriage may recover compensation for the loss of consortium, comfort, affection and moral support.
  • A decedent’s death may result in the children losing the instruction, care, guidance and nurturing they benefited from them, which is recoverable.
  • There is compensation for those who would have received increased inheritances had the decedent lived.
  • In addition to the above damages, household services such as vehicle maintenance, child care and others may also be compensated.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith. I’m a wrongful death lawyer in Sacramento. You can file a wrongful death claim if your loved one was killed by a motorist’s negligence. If you would like a free and friendly consultation with one of our accident attorneys, please call (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. You can also reach out to us using our online form. During a free consultation, we can review your case and explain your options for recovering compensation in person or virtually. 

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