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Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Causes Life-Threatening Injuries

Intersection Pedestrian Accident at Lindley and Norwood Avenues

An April 14 pedestrian accident in Sacramento left one man with severe injuries. The accident happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. at Norwood Avenue near where it intersects with Lindley Avenue, according to the report by the Sacramento Police Department

Paramedics with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to the scene to assess the pedestrian’s injuries and transported him to a nearby hospital. The paramedics said the pedestrian was alive, but his injuries were severe. The vehicle driver remained at the accident scene and was cooperating with police in their investigation. Northwood Avenue northbound was shut down during the investigation and to remove the car involved in the accident from the scene. 

Intersection Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are common in intersections and account for 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths. This is related to the complexity of intersections as motor vehicles and pedestrians come together. Problems with dangerous crosswalks also add to the number of accidents involving walkers and motorists.

How Dangerous Crosswalks Add to the Number of Injuries and Deaths

This latter situation is frequently related to the design of the crosswalk or lack of maintenance. Because the contractor or city fails to provide the needed pedestrian safety, a lawsuit can be filed against both the driver and the agencies in charge of crosswalk construction and design. The claim against the city has a shorter deadline than the lawsuit against the motorist. If it is missed, the government agency will not be required to pay damages. Your attorney will make sure that all documents are filed properly. 

Obtaining Personal Injury Damages 

Because pedestrians often suffer serious injuries in an accident, they face high medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost time at work. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can step in to help them obtain compensation from the at-fault driver. Our investigators leave no stone unturned to uncover the evidence to support a client’s claim. Some of the techniques they use include:

  • Investigators go immediately to the site of the pedestrian accident and interview any witnesses as well as examine the police report for mistakes.
  • By conducting accident reconstruction, the circumstances surrounding the incident can be uncovered, what contributed to it and how it happened.
  • The investigators take photos of the pedestrian accident scene, check the run-sheets from the paramedics, and obtain copies of the medical records.
  • Traffic surveillance cameras and those from nearby businesses or homes can provide valuable evidence of a pedestrian accident.
  • Street markings such as skid marks can show whether or not the driver in the incident tried to stop or not. The absence of skid marks indicates the driver did not try to stop. This often happens when the motorist has fallen asleep or is too inebriated to react quickly. Long skid marks show the opposite. A driver who is speeding but alert may apply the brakes, but due to the forward momentum, it takes longer to stop. 
  • Once the evidence has been gathered, it is given over to our lawyers to construct a case in favor of our client. It is used with the insurance company when negotiating on the client’s behalf or in building a strong case to present in civil court.

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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