Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident

Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident

Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident

Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident – A Sacramento one-vehicle accident that occurred in the late-night hours on October 3, 2018, resulted in injuries and trapped two persons in a major collision. The collision happened near the intersection of 65th Street and Broadway, causing severe damage to the vehicle when it crashed into a pole, fire hydrant, and water main and flooded the street. The car was destroyed in the collision, and at least two people were injured. The accident will be under investigation by authorities as to cause.

Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident Details

The crash was reported at around 3:45 in the morning when a caller contacted the Sacramento Fire Department, saying that there was possibly a person trapped inside a vehicle following an accident. The fire department personnel were able to extract the trapped occupants without needing to resort to using special equipment, which is normally required up to 10 times per month. Two of the individuals involved in the collision were taken to an area hospital for treatment. However, it is unknown at this time what their conditions are.

Witness Account of Sacramento One-Vehicle Accident

According to a good Samaritan at the crash site, he and his wife heard the collision and went to help the driver out of the car. The man who was interviewed said one of the passengers seemed incoherent. Looking into the backseat, the witness said he thought it was initially a pile of clothing, then realized there was another person in the back whose leg was pinned by the back door of the vehicle. The passerby said that he broke out the window and removed some parts of the door but was unable to get the passenger out of the car.

Causes of a One-Vehicle Accident

Out of the 3,623 collisions with fatalities in California in 2016, 57 percent were accidents involving one vehicle. Driver error is the usual cause of most motor vehicle accidents. However, there are other reasons a one-vehicle crash can occur. Some of the reasons include:

  • Drugged or drunk driving is a major reason for all traffic accidents. Those who drive impaired have slower reflexes, impaired judgment, and other issues that prevent them from driving safely.
  • Distracted driving, caused by texting, chatting on a cell phone, eating and talking with passengers, contributes to a high number of one-vehicle accidents.
  • Road defects such as potholes, missing signage, and bad maintenance can lead to a single vehicle accident.
  • Speeding is responsible for a high number of accidents because it makes a vehicle more difficult to control and requires a longer stopping distance in an emergency.
  • Drowsy driving is a factor, particularly in a one-vehicle accident that happens in the early hours of the morning or late at night.
  • Auto defects, when they occur in an accelerator, brakes or steering wheel, can contribute to an accident.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

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