Sacramento Multiple-Vehicle Crash Occurs on SR 99

Minor Injuries Reported in Accident Involving Five Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash in Sacramento occurred on April 20 along a freeway that involved at least five vehicles. The accident was reported around 4:16 p.m. along southbound State Route 99 just north of the off-ramp for Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the Lemon Hills area. According to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), three lanes of the freeway were blocked by the collision, which included several Hondas, a Ford, and an SUV. Minor injuries were reported in the collision.

Insurance Companies and Injury Accident Claims

Insurance companies dislike paying out claims. It is in their best interest to make a profit, so the smallest amount they pay out, the more money they make. Initial offers to settle claims are often rock bottom, especially if injuries occur that can cost them a lot of money. One way they counter this problem is by urging an injured person to settle as soon as possible. By doing so, the insurance company is not only paying a lower amount, but the injured party is not able to come back on them and claim it was not sufficient. 

The compensation you deserve after being injured in a multiple-vehicle crash can be obtained by having a personal injury lawyer handle your claim. Statistics show that those who use a lawyer to handle their negotiations with the insurance company end up being awarded two to three times more than they would by handling the claim on their own.

Negligence That Causes an Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles

In a collision involving multiple vehicles, more than one driver is often negligent. Those are the parties you want to hold financially responsible. Some of the types of negligence include:

  • It wasn’t possible for the driver to stop in time to avoid crashing into multiple vehicles because he/she was speeding.
  • Alcohol or drugs interfered with the ability of the driver to handle a vehicle.
  • One or more of the drivers were tailgating at the time the multiple-vehicle accident occurred.
  • He or she was distracted by texting or chatting on their cell phone.
  • Fatigued, the driver was unable to drive safely.

Finding Liability After a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Cars can be struck a number of times in a multiple-vehicle crash. Having an injury lawyer on your side can help. A client’s compensation claim can be supported by evidence collected through an investigation to determine which drivers are at fault. These include:

  • As soon as possible after an accident, our investigators collect evidence in order to prevent it from being covered up or lost.
  • They examine the police report to determine if it contains errors.
  • Photos can identify which vehicle or vehicles struck the car by the marks and paint smears.
  • Reconstruction of the crash reveals how the vehicles were positioned before it occurred, how it happened and where the vehicles ended up. 
  • Witnesses are interviewed to determine how the crash happened and the vehicles collided. 
  • The investigators check local traffic cameras to see if the multiple-vehicle crash was captured on film.

We then work with our lawyers to assemble the evidence into a strong case supporting their claim for damages.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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