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Sacramento’s Most Dangerous Roads

Most Dangerous Roads in Sacramento

Sacramento residents know that some dangerous roads in the area are more treacherous than others. Although it isn’t always possible to bypass many of these roads, knowing which ones place you at a higher risk of an accident is essential. Let’s explore the reasons why some roads are more dangerous from faulty design to speeding, driver error, and congested traffic. We’ll also look at intersection-related accident-prone roads. In short, here’s a heads up on the dangerous roads you may face when traveling in the Sacramento area.

Highway 99

As you might expect, highways are often the site of car and truck accidents with serious injuries. U.S. Route 99, for example, became famous when it was nicknamed the “Highway to Hell.”  Many drivers will attest to the name’s accuracy. This highway, known as the Golden State Highway through Sacramento, is believed to be the most dangerous in the entire country. Why is it so dangerous? The answer is that it is a combination of things from poor lighting and design that is outdated to the high numbers of speeders and drunk drivers who travel on it.

Several sections of the old highway, which was the primary north-south route from Calexico, California, to Blaine Washington, from 1926 through 1972 were renamed and still exist as California State Route 99. Overall, Highway 99 has seen the highest number of fatal accidents per every 100 miles in the nation.

Interstate 5

Interstate 5 runs north and south from San Diego up along the coast to the border with Canada and goes through Sacramento. It is considered the fourth most dangerous roadway in the United States. Between 2010 and 2016, 680 collisions resulted in fatalities along this road. While the stretch of this interstate in Los Angeles County is the most dangerous, Sacramento drivers have seen their fair share of accidents. Traffic congestion is one of the major factors causing collisions on Interstate 5. It is also the major truck route into and out of Sacramento. This adds to the traffic congestion and is the cause of many accidents.

Interstate 80

Interstate 80 is a transcontinental highway stretching from San Francisco to New Jersey. It runs through the Sacramento Valley where the speed limit is roughly 65 mph. It was built alongside U.S. Route 40 and replaced it. The Capital City Freeway was the original routing of I-80, which ran into downtown Sacramento. Eventually, the Cap City Freeway became I-80 Business. Given the number of drivers that use this dangerous road every day, it is reasonable that so many accidents happen here. I-80 Business, in particular, is often the site of commuter time crashes.

Interstate 505

This was built as a truck route, eliminating the need for truckers to go into Sacramento to connect with I-80. This road joins I-80 in Vacaville with I-80 in Yolo County. It is predominantly a two-lane, double-sided rural thorofare. The presence of big rigs on a rural and dangerous road can be the cause of accidents.

Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are a prime location for car accidents. About 40 percent of all accidents happen in intersections. These crashes are also responsible for 20 percent of fatal accidents and roughly 50 percent of those with serious injuries. The majority occur when a driver runs a red light. Some intersections are more dangerous than others. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Sacramento are:

  • Arena Boulevard & Truxel Road
  • Bruce Hill Road and Cosumnes River Boulevard
  • Garden Highway and Northgate Boulevard
  • Los Robles Boulevard and Marysville Boulevard
  • Power Inn Road and Elder Creek Road
  • 9th Street and X Street
  • 12 Street and I Street
  • 56th Street and J Street

Watch YouTube Video: Sacramento Ranks Among Cities with Worst Roads. CBS Sacramento reports how the Capital City ranks among the cities with the worst infrastructure.

Ways to make a Road Less Dangerous

Roads are not always designed to support safe travel. Barriers and clear signage are essential factors. So are proper lighting and adequate road markings. Taken together, these elements make it easier for drivers to operate their motor vehicle without the heightened risk of an accident. Of particular interest is signage that warns drivers of upcoming curves on-ramps.

Roads that have pedestrian traffic such as at intersections require a design aimed at walker safety. Signals for pedestrians should be timed to provide adequate time for the individual to reach the other side. Some crosswalks are designed so that the pedestrian can only reach the halfway mark. The problem is that humans will try to reach the other side despite signals. This presents a problem for drivers, especially if the area is not well lit.

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