Sacramento Intersection Collision Results in Injury

Fulton Avenue Crash Reported Between Two Cars

An intersection collision in Sacramento on February 26 resulted in the injury of one person who required medical assistance. The crash, which involved a Ford Taurus and a Buick, happened around 12:20 p.m at Fulton and Marconi Avenues in the Arden-Arcade area near a tire store. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one individual complained of being in pain following the collision. 

Additional Information About the Sacramento Intersection Collision

First responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to the intersection collision scene to assess the patient’s injuries. At the time of this report, the information had not been released on whether the patient was treated at the accident scene or transported to a hospital for additional care.

Intersection Accidents

Overall, intersections are the site of more than 50 percent of injury and fatal traffic crashes. The Federal Highway Administration reports that 2.5 million traffic accidents occur in intersections each year, and 20-percent of these are fatal. 

Poorly Designed Intersections

  • Intersections represent an area when multiple vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists pass through simultaneously. Driver error in such a complex environment can lead to an intersection collision.
  • Poorly designed intersections interfere with the ability to safely control traffic. The layout of the intersection may be confusing or lack visibility, making it difficult for drivers. An example of this would be clearly marked lanes and functional traffic flow regulation. 
  • Lack of crosswalks is a common problem. If crosswalks are available, a lack of ample lighting and timed crossing meters can lead to an intersection collision. 

Driver Error in an Intersection Collision

Driver error is a leading cause of Sacramento intersection accidents:

  • Distracted driving: When drivers focus on anything other than the road, the risk of an accident increases because they are less likely to see another vehicle or a pedestrian entering the intersection.
  • Speeding: This driver error makes it harder for a motorist to react to danger in the intersection. Due to increased speed, a driver cannot stop in time to avoid an intersection collision.
  • Fatigued driving: Fatigue when driving can cause a driver to nod off or have sluggish reflexes. In a busy intersection, this can have catastrophic results.
  • Drunk driving: Like fatigued driving, a drunk driver’s reaction time is slower than normal. This, along with poor decision-making, can lead to a crash.

Auto Defects in an Intersection Collision

On occasion, auto defects can cause an intersection accident. For instance, faulty brakes or tires can make it harder or impossible to stop. Defects are due to manufacturer negligence and can lead to a product liability lawsuit to recover damages. It is critical to preserve a vehicle involved in a crash due to possible auto defects. This allows our investigative team to examine it.

Red Light Negligence

Red lights are used to control traffic flow, but not all drivers obey the command to stop. There are reasons this happens, such as trying to shave minutes off travel time. Ultimately, running a red light leads to an increased incidence of intersection accidents.

Liability in an Automobile Accident

Car accidents can lead to devastating results. That is why our investigative team works hard to uncover evidence that can prove liability. They evaluate the following:

  • Faulty intersection design and construction: This can lead to a claim against the government agency in charge of building and maintaining the intersection.
  • Video footage of the crash: This can be obtained from private sources, surrounding businesses, or traffic surveillance cameras.
  • Witness reports: Obtaining witness accounts of the accident are vital to our investigation.
  • Police reports: These are used in negotiations with the insurance companies or in civil court to prove fault. Sometimes, there are errors in the report that can be detrimental to your case.
  • Accident reconstruction: Our investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to determine vehicle placement before, during, and after the intersection collision. 

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