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Sacramento Intersection Collision Damages Two Vehicles

Taylor Street Intersection Collision Involves Two Vehicles

A two-vehicle intersection collision in Sacramento recently caused major damage to the vehicles involved. Initially, the Sacramento Police Department was notified of the accident at around 11:49 p.m. on Taylor Street and Naruth Way as involving injuries. When first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived, they discovered both the wrecked vehicles and involved parties at the scene. It was not reported whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the cause of the crash. It is under investigation to determine what happened.

Obtaining Help Following an Intersection Collision

When injuries occur in an intersection collision, those who are involved will obtain legal help. First of all, they may need help to be compensated for their medical costs, wages lost from being unable to work and for their pain and suffering. Those who know they caused the accident will want representation to try and avoid liability. Having an experienced attorney in your corner can help protect your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Delayed Symptoms Following an Accident

Because of the stress and excitement of an intersection collision, adrenaline rushes into the body. This can cause injury symptoms to be delayed. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention following an accident, even if no injury symptoms are present. Some types of injuries that can cause delayed symptoms include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries from concussions to more serious conditions can appear as delayed symptoms. Symptoms can include headache, dizziness, sound and light sensitivity and mood changes.
  • Cervical strain or sprain can appear even days after a car accident and is caused by a sudden jolt when the vehicle is struck. Symptoms may include neck, shoulder or back pain, headache, ringing in the ears and blurry vision.
  • Internal bleeding can occur in the abdomen and go unnoticed initially. When abdominal bruising appears a day or two later and fainting or dizziness occurs, it can turn into an emergency situation.
  • Emotional trauma occurs to some people following a traffic accident, which can range from sleepless nights to nightmares, anxiety and fear of going out in a car again. At its extreme, it can result in post-traumatic stress disorder, which can require professional treatment to overcome.
  • Back pain can indicate injuries to the spine, cervical strain or sprain or a herniated disk. Symptoms of back injuries can include weakness, loss of balance, headaches, bruising and neck or shoulder pain. Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs can also indicate damage to the back or spine. 

Investigation of an Intersection Collision

Crashes at crossroads can be complex since traffic is passing through from multiple directions and is complicated by the presence of pedestrians and bicycle riders. However, I have a great deal of experience in handling these types of accidents. Our investigators head out to collect the evidence needed to support a client’s compensation claim, including:

  • The police report is checked for errors.
  • Witnesses are interviewed for corroborating evidence.
  • Video footage from surveillance cameras is obtained, which can show the intersection collision as it happened.
  • Accident reconstruction is conducted to determine how the intersection collision occurred. 

Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento auto accident lawyer. When someone has suffered injuries as a result of a negligent driver, they may wish to place a claim for compensation to pay for their medical costs and other losses. You can get in touch with me for my free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400. The long-distance number is (800) 404-5400. An online form is available in addition.

During my career as an injury lawyer since 1982, I’ve successfully obtained compensation for many Sacramentans, including in cases that involve wrongful death, any type of traffic crash, or traumatic injuries.

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