Sacramento Hit-and-Run Involves Three Vehicles

Nichols Avenue Hit-and-Run Causes Injuries

A Sacramento hit-and-run accident with resulting injuries occurred on September 12 that involved three vehicles. The collision occurred around 6:15 p.m. along east Nichols Avenue near 18th Avenue. The police incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that an Acura and Chrysler 300 remained at the scene, while the third driver in a silver vehicle fled.

At Least One Person Injured in Accident Involving Fleeing Driver

The Acura was left in the roadway, and one person in the vehicle had a brace on their foot from a previous injury. Sacramento Fire Department personnel arrived at the scene so that medics could assess injuries. At least one person involved in the hit-and-run was injured, but it was not reported whether they were treated at the scene or transported to a hospital. An investigation into the cause of the accident is underway by authorities to determine what happened.

Finding a Hit-and-Run Driver After an Injury Accident

A hit-and-run collision has become more common these days, but it doesn’t mean the driver gets away with taking no responsibility for their actions. Our law office has successfully located a number of hit-and-run drivers over the years. We do it by conducting an investigation and by our tenacity to hold people responsible for causing serious injuries to others.

How We Use Investigative Techniques to Locate a Fleeing Driver 

It is difficult enough for someone injured in a collision to face the pain and suffering. They should not be responsible for their medical bills and other losses if someone else caused the accident. Some of the techniques we use to locate a fleeing driver include the following:

  • Our investigators go to the scene of the hit-and-run right away to gather evidence before it disappears. Often, the fleeing vehicle leaves paint marks or pieces of metal dropped from their car, which can lead to the identification of its make and model.
  • The report filed by the responding police is reviewed for information and to ensure its accuracy.
  • Any witnesses to the collision are interviewed. In some cases, a witness may be able to identify the vehicle or driver or recall part of the license plate number. In others, a witness may have actually captured the vehicle and driver on their cell phone as the accident happened.
  • The investigators conduct accident reconstruction. This shows the positions of the vehicles and how the hit-and-run occurred. It often shows which driver/drivers were at fault.
  • The area is scoured for surveillance cameras at street corners and nearby businesses or homes. 

Recovering Compensation Using Insurance

If the fleeing driver cannot be found, the injured person has the option of using their uninsured/underinsured policy to pay their medical bills. When Californians elect to take auto insurance, they are offered this add-on. Many take it because of the high number of uninsured or underinsured drivers in the state. 

If the injured person does not have this add-on policy, but a family member does, that may be used instead. It not only covers those who are injured in motor vehicles but also if they are harmed as pedestrians or while using a bicycle. The policy rate does not increase in the future if it is used.

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