Sacramento Drivers Rank Higher in Nationwide Poll

Sacramento Drivers Rank Higher in Nationwide Poll

Sacramento Drivers Rank Higher in Nationwide Poll

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. According to a nationwide lead provider for the insurance industry, Sacramento motorists will be happy to learn that they are no longer considered the worst drivers in the country. Unfortunately, city drivers are still in third place behind the first-place city Omaha, Nebraska, and second-place Riverside. While a city’s rank often fluctuates from one year to another, its score can often spur its residents on to better driving behavior. It is important to note that a lower score in a city can be used to drive up insurance rates for that area.

Study Details

The study, performed by Quote Wizard, ranks cities nationwide. Statistics that are used include tickets for speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and accidents. The number of citations given by local police in areas such as distracted driving is also included in the final tally. Omaha had the dubious distinction of placing first this year after being in the eighth position previously. This was because the number of traffic violations and speeders increased, along with accidents.

Why Did Sacramento’s Rank Change?

The improvement in Sacramento was attributed to fewer traffic collisions and speeders. However, the number of traffic violations and DUIs stayed about the same, so there is room for improvement.

Other California Cities Ranked

Additional California cities that made the list included the area around San Francisco Bay, which took the number five spot. Riverside moved up to number two from number three due to DUIs. San Diego placed at number six, while Los Angeles took the number nine spot.

Best Cities for Drivers

Orlando, Florida, came in as the best city for drivers, according to the study. This was because of its low numbers of speeders and DUIs. Miami, Florida, came in as the second safest city for drivers, followed by El Paso, Texas, Detroit, Michigan and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Scoring Sacramento

Other reports aimed at ranking reckless driving behavior as well as other characteristics show Sacramento in a mixed light. For instance, Allstate ranks Sacramento as 140th out of 200 in the number of crashes. The average U.S. driver has an accident every ten years, while those in Sacramento are involved in a crash every 7.8 years. The time it takes to commute to work is also longer as the city ranks 25th of all other areas nationwide. The roadway congestion is seen as a problem leading to accidents. Insurance rates are also higher for drivers with a record of violations such as speeding or disobeying traffic signals.

Traffic Accident Injuries

Traffic violations, along with risky driver behavior, can result in an array of injuries. Some serious injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injury: This is one of most serious injuries. Although some head injuries are not as life-threatening as others, medical treatment and observation are needed.
  • Spinal injury, including paralysis: The degree of spinal injury varies from one case to another. The higher on the spine the injury occurs, the more likely significant and life-changing impairment will occur.
  • Fracture of multiple bones: The most common fractures are to the upper and lower extremities. However, a hip fracture can occur. This serious injury often requires surgery.
  • Chest trauma: Broken ribs and bruising of the heart can be life-threatening. For instance, a broken rib can puncture the lung, causing it to collapse.
  • Abdominal injury: Trauma to the abdominal organs can cause bleeding. If not dealt with in a timely manner, this can cause a person’s demise.

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