Sacramento Drivers Fleeing the Accident Cause Injuries

Auburn Boulevard Injuries Involve Two Drivers Fleeing the Accident

Two drivers fleeing the accident in Sacramento on November 5 left behind injuries. The collision happened at the intersection of Auburn Boulevard and Madison Avenue around 4:19 p.m., involving a woman driving a Dodge Ram pickup. 

Drivers Fleeing the Accident Leave Woman Trapped in Her Vehicle

It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that two vehicles fled the accident scene. One person was injured in the crash and required an ambulance. Sacramento firefighters arrived as well because the woman in the pickup could not exit her vehicle due to driver’s side damage. 

Search On for Hit-and-Run Vehicles

One of the vehicles that fled was described as a Toyota Camry with major rear-end damage and a lesser amount to the front, which was heading west along Madison Avenue. Two of the traffic lanes were blocked as the scene was cleared and an investigation conducted. Authorities are seeking the hit-and-run drivers, and CHP traffic detectives are determining how the crash occurred. 

How an Injury Lawyer Finds a Fleeing Driver

It is advantageous to use an injury lawyer to locate negligent drivers fleeing the accident since they have the experience and resources to do so. As a law firm, we have successfully located numerous fleeing drivers over the years. Obtaining information from the injured party and any witnesses at the scene of the accident is the first step an injury lawyer takes to locate a fleeing driver. Information about the vehicle and license plate, and a description of the driver are included.

The injury lawyer can then begin their investigation once they have collected sufficient information. Investigating the accident site thoroughly to find pieces of evidence left behind by drivers fleeing the accident, such as broken car parts and tire tracks, may be one of the first steps. Likewise, they might interview neighbors and businesses as well as check traffic surveillance cameras. 

Also, experienced injury lawyers will have access to databases and resources that can help them find fleeing drivers. A driver may have posted about an accident on social media platforms, and DMV records or insurance databases can provide valuable information.

Using Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance to Pay for Your Injury

Through your uninsured/underinsured policy, your own insurance may cover your injuries. This type of coverage is offered to motorists when they elect to buy car insurance, and many Californians carry it. If you don’t have this policy but an immediate family member does have it, that can be used instead. The rates for the policy will not increase in the future. In addition, an injury lawyer can assist you by working toward your recovery of the maximum compensation. 

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