Sacramento Derailed Light Rail Train Injures Three

Light Rail Train Derails Near North 7th

The derailment of a light rail train on March 23 in Sacramento’s River District area occurred, injuring three people, according to Sacramento Regional Transit and emergency authorities. The three injuries that were reported were minor in nature. Medics transported two of the injured people to hospitals, while the third received treatment at the accident scene.

Accident Area Closed Down as Scene Is Cleared

The accident happened near North B and North 7th streets around 12:30 p.m., just north of the Railyard neighborhood, the Sacramento Police Department and RT said in tweets just after 1:20 p.m. Service by the light rail train’s Green Line was halted in the accident area as crews worked to make area repairs near 7th and North B streets,” RT tweeted. A bus bridge was put in place. The intersection was shut down to motorists as well, police said. There was no estimated time of reopening. Motorists in the area were asked to use alternate routes.

Reasons Why a Train Derails

Train derailments can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Excessive speed: Trains must travel within the speed limit posted on each stretch of track to maintain safety and proper operation. If a train is traveling too fast, it may not be able to negotiate turns safely, or stop quickly enough when faced with an obstruction.
  • Track defects: Worn-out rails, broken ties or loose bolts can present serious risks for trains traveling along the tracks. When these defects are not addressed in a timely manner, they can lead to dangerous conditions that can cause a derailment. 
  • Poorly maintained equipment: Faulty brakes, couplings and wheels can cause derailments when they are not routinely inspected and repaired.
  • Foreign objects on the track: Rocks, fallen trees and other hazards left on the track can obstruct a train’s path and lead to a derailment.
  • Extreme weather conditions: Heavy winds, snow or ice storms can alter the shape of tracks, resulting in an unstable surface for trains traveling along them.
  • Human error: Derailments caused by human error can occur as a result of operator mistakes or improper maintenance procedures.

Liability in a Light Rail Train Accident 

The Sacramento Regional Transit District is the agency that controls the light rail train system, which operates over 43 miles of tracks in the area. If an accident injury occurs because of their negligence, they may be liable for damages. However, it is important to realize that filing a government entity claim carries a six-month deadline. If a claim is filed six months after that, the court will toss the case and refuse to hear it. 

Getting help from an accident attorney can be extremely beneficial in recovering the compensation that you deserve. The attorney can gather strong evidence that supports your claim and calculate your damages, which include medical expenses, compensation for your pain and suffering and for your lost wages. In addition, the lawyer will ensure all paperwork is filed on time, so your case will be heard.

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