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May 29, 2023
Edward Smith

Highway 50 Fatality of Restauranteur Occurs in Construction Site Crash

A construction site crash took the life of a local restauranteur on May 24 when his vehicle collided with a work truck along Highway 50. The deceased was identified as 55-year-old Chris Jarosz, who co-owned three restaurants in the area. Jarosz was driving his Land Rover along Highway 50 close to 51st Street around 2:00 a.m. when he crashed into a traffic sign trailer, which had been activated and pointed to the open right-hand lanes, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Jarosz was not using seat restraints at the time the accident occurred. 

Construction Workers in Vehicle Uninjured

Two people were in the construction vehicle and were uninjured. A subcontractor, Site Safety, owns the truck and is working for Caltrans. Completion of the project is slated for the end of 2024. Roadwork on the freeway is conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. 

Authorities Determining the Cause of Fatal Construction Site Crash

Due to the construction site crash, all the lanes of the highway going west were closed down for a few hours. CHP traffic accident investigators are working toward determining why the collision occurred. 

Government Agency and Subcontractor Liability in a Fatal Construction Area Accident

Under California law, the negligent government agency overseeing a construction project and any subcontractor involved may be held liable through a wrongful death lawsuit when accidents that occur on or near the work site result in a fatality. Drivers, construction workers and other individuals affected by the accident have the right to seek compensation from the government agency.

Proving Negligence

When filing a wrongful death claim against a government agency following a construction site crash, sufficient evidence must be provided that there was negligent behavior on behalf of the agency. The evidence must demonstrate that: (1) the government owed a duty of care to those present at or near the work site; (2) there was a breach of this duty; (3) injuries resulted due to this breach and (4) the family experienced a financial loss. An experienced attorney can help build proof of the government’s negligence by gathering the evidence needed to support the claim.

The Statute of Limitations to File a Government Claim Is Short

However, the statute of limitations for filing a government claim is six months in California. If the claim is filed after that date, it will be refused by the court. Enlisting the help of an accident attorney can ensure your claim will be filed on time. In addition, the lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the agency in your stead, which allows the family to grieve their loss in peace.

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