Sacramento Bicycle Accident Causes Major Injuries

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Causes Major Injuries

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Causes Major Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento bicycle accident lawyer. A serious collision in Sacramento on August 1 resulted in life-threatening injuries to a bicyclist when the person was struck by a hit-and-run truck. Authorities with the Sacramento Police Department had to shut down Folsom Boulevard from State University Drive to 65th Street to investigate the crash site. Motorists were advised to use different routes. It is unknown at this time what the bicycle rider’s condition is or whether the driver of the truck has been apprehended.

Hit-and-Run Drivers

Unfortunately, hit-and-run drivers are becoming more common throughout the state, where drivers are required to stop and exchange information after an accident even if there were no injuries or deaths. When injuries are involved, the driver is legally required to assist that person. A motorist who flees the scene of a collision can become difficult to locate as time goes by, so the sooner information on the driver and vehicle is released, the better the chance of finding them. Some of the things that can help to locate the driver include:

  • Write down the color, make and model of the vehicle.
  • Include the license plate number or any numbers that are remembered or visible.
  • Identifying remarks such as scrapes, dents or stickers can help identify the vehicle.
  • Noting the appearance of the driver can be helpful.
  • Contact police with this information as soon as possible. The sooner they have this information, the more likely it is the driver will be located.

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Statistics

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, out of the 4,502 traffic accident injuries and fatalities in 2015 in Sacramento, 231 were bicycle riders who were involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. In Sacramento County itself that year, 620 bicyclists were either killed or injured in a traffic collision. This placed the county as number 11 in the highest number of bicycle accident injuries and deaths out of the total number of 58 counties in the state.

Options for Expense Reimbursement

Whether or not a hit and run driver is found, if the bicyclist or a member of his household has auto insurance or uninsured motorist insurance, it will partially compensate the injured rider for his or her injuries. In this way, medical expenses and property damage incurred in a collision can be recovered.

Injuries in a Bicycle Accident

Injuries in a Sacramento bicycle accident with a motor vehicle can be extensive due to the rider’s lack of protection. They can include:

  • Concussion or other brain damage can range from mild symptoms to severe, permanent damage requiring around-the-clock care.
  • Facial lacerations can result in scarring and disfigurement. Some facial lacerations can be repaired through the use of plastic surgery procedures.
  • Eye injuries can cause permanent problems, including blindness.
  • Broken bones are common bicycle accident injuries and can be simple or complex, requiring surgical repair.
  • Blunt trauma to the abdomen may be delayed in onset and cause internal bleeding or damage to organs such as the spleen.
  • Chest trauma can range from bruising and lacerations to broken ribs or other severe damage.

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Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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