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Aviation Accident Attorney Discusses FAA Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Aviation Accident Attorney Discusses FAA Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

FAA Bans Galaxy Note 7

Aviation Accident Attorney Discusses FAA Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento airplane crash attorneyCatching Fire? Not on US Flights says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Strong Warning Issued to US Airline Passengers

On September 7, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a strong warning to all US airline passengers against using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all domestic airlines. This warning was upgraded to a complete ban on the use of the devices on September 17, 2016.

Details on the FAA Ban

The FAA decided to upgrade their warning to a ban after only 172,000 Samsung customers traded in their phones in response to the devices recall. The ban specifically prohibits passengers from using or charging the devices, while also requiring owners to disable features which may accidentally power on the devices. All users are also banned from stowing the phones in checked baggage for fears of them igniting the luggage compartment on fire and causing an airplane accident.

What is Happening?

Fears of the devices exploding began in late August when owners reported their phones exploded. The devices were eventually recalled by Samsung after 92 customers reported their batteries overheating. The US Consumer Products Safety Commission then issued an official recall notice of 1 million Note 7 devices on September 15, 2016. The slow speed of the defective product recall and the extreme risk posed to airlines drove the FAA to ban the devices for fear of them catching fire on a US flight.

Why Are the Note 7s Catching Fire?

The fluid within the lithium ion batteries most electronic devices use is highly flammable. If the battery pack is somehow punctured, the electricity running the device can travel through this hole, igniting the battery and the whole phone. With the Note 7, the phone runs hot, causing the battery to expand and tear itself, thereby enabling the spark to reach the fluid and igniting a fire.

If a Phone Catches Fire on an Airplane

In the event that a device actually catches on fire during a flight, the consequences could range from minor to severe. Flight attendants and other members of the flight crew are trained to respond to cabin fires, but even a minor fire could have serious affects on an aircraft.

Dangerous Fumes of a Fire

A fire within the pressurized fuselage of an aircraft, however, could affect the cabin pressure of the aircraft. Additionally, passengers would be unable to escape the dangerous fumes from the fire as there is no where for the smoke to escape. Finally, passengers around the fire would likely receive minor to serious burn injuries before they are able to leave the area.

Luggage Compartment Fire

A fire from the luggage compartment of an aircraft, though, could have far more serious consequences. Airplane baggage compartments have fire detection systems, but their fire suppression systems are less advanced. This would make it difficult to put the fire out, thereby forcing an emergency landing or even a crash.

Possible Injuries from an In-Flight Fire

The injuries from an in-flight fire range from minor burns and smoke inhalation to deep-tissue burns, chemical burns of the people’s airways, and even death. Additionally, many people in the areas not affected by the fire could sustain bruises, broken bones, and potentially crush injuries from the panic an in-flight fire would likely cause.


The FAA’s ban vastly decreases the chances of the above scenarios, but the ban comes with no enforcement provisions. This means airline passengers could still feasibly use their recalled device on an aircraft, risking the health and well-being of everyone aboard. If anyone sees another passenger on an aircraft using a Note 7, notify the flight crew immediately.

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