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Sacramento Accident Sends One Person to the Hospital

Pickup and Toyota Sedan in Intersection Collision on S.R. 51

A Sacramento accident on September 7 that involved two vehicles ended up with at least one person being transported to a hospital. The collision occurred around 12:22 p.m. along southbound State Route 51 just north of westbound U.S. 50 when a Toyota Tundra and another Toyota collided in the slow lane. Sac Fire and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the scene.

Passersby Stop to Try and Catch Injured Dog

A dog escaped from one of the vehicles, according to a CHP representative, and multiple vehicles stopped, and passengers were trying to catch the dog. Police contacted a nearby shelter for assistance in capturing and tending to the injured pit bull.

One Person Transported to a Hospital With Unknown Injuries

One individual involved in the accident was transported to a hospital for further attention and treatment. Tow trucks removed both vehicles from the Sacramento accident scene. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine how the collision occurred.

Trauma in a Sacramento Accident

Because vehicles are traveling at higher speeds on a highway, serious injuries are common. The type of injury can depend on the type of accident. 

  • A rear-end crash at high speed can cause cervical strain or sprain, head and spinal trauma. 
  • A Sacramento accident that is caused by a negligent driver trying to change lanes without looking for other vehicles can result in a sideswipe. Because vehicles offer less protection on their sides than in the front and rear, it can result in broken bones, head injuries and trauma to the back or spine.
  • A head-on Sacramento accident can occur if the driver has entered a highway going in the wrong direction. These are among the most dangerous types of crashes, and severe injuries and fatalities are common. 
  • Multiple-vehicle crashes occur when two vehicles collide and are either struck by additional cars or trucks or forced by the impact into another lane. Because accidents that involve multiple vehicles are complicated regarding establishing fault, enlisting the help of a lawyer experienced in handling these types of crashes is important. 
  • An entrance or exit ramp Sacramento accident often happens because of driver error. If the driver is anxious to change lanes to avoid missing an exit or entrance, they can become reckless, resulting in a collision. Accidents on the ramps themselves generally occur due to speeding or encroaching on another motorist’s lane. 

How a Sacramento Accident Is Investigated

When a client wants to place a compensation claim for their injuries against the at-fault party, it is necessary to collect evidence to support the case. This is done by our investigators, who are experienced in sleuthing out the evidence. Some of the areas in which they investigate include:

  • The investigators use accident reconstruction to show the before, during and after positions of the vehicles. This scientific method can not only determine the circumstances surrounding a Sacramento accident but also the mechanics involved and contributing factors.
  • The police report is inspected for mistakes and witnesses are interviewed.
  • Surveillance footage is checked from nearby traffic cameras to see if the Sacramento accident was captured on film.
  • Signs of government negligence are looked for, which may include potholes, nonfunctioning traffic lights, and poor lighting.

Our lawyers take the gathered evidence to construct a case to support our client’s claim. 

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