Roseville Purse Snatcher

Roseville Purse Snatcher

Roseville Purse Snatcher

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville personal injury attorney. A female thief in Roseville is caught on a grocery store video surveillance camera snatching the wallet of an unsuspecting shopper right out of her purse. I think this video is an excellent reminder to always keep your valuables safeguarded and in your sight at all times.

Watch Youtube Video, Grocery Store Thief Lifts Wallet From Roseville Shopper. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how smooth and crafty this woman was when she stole a wallet from a female grocery store shopper in Roseville.

Roseville Police Need Your Help Identifying Roseville Purse Snatcher

The Roseville Police Department is requesting your help in identifying the purse snatcher seen in the Youtube video above.

Police officers believe this is the same suspect behind a multitude of similar grocery store thefts throughout the city of Roseville. If you know this woman, think you recognize her or know of her current whereabouts, please get in touch with Detective B. Fernandez by email at:

So What is Pickpocketing Anyway?

The act of pickpocketing is to steal money or other valuables carried by another person. The valuables are most frequently in a bag or purse being carried by that person. Women are the most common targets of pickpocketing and it’s because of their purse. Purses are easier for a thief to get into without becoming detected then say a pant or coat pocket.  Sadly, purses just don’t have any nerve endings.

News Flash – Pickpockets Are Not All Men

As we see in the video above, not all pickpockets are men. They can be women too. Moreover, they can look completely in place and normal in their surroundings. Heck, they may even be fixed up nice and pushing a grocery cart down the aisle of a Roseville market.

Let’s face it. Crooks are getting more and more creative and brazen. Whether you are a male or female it is important to learn and grow along with the times we live in so that you do not become a victim.

Purse Tips 101

Many of these tips are good ol’ common sense. But, since we get relaxed and off in our own little world while we are busy shopping for the perfect organic heirloom tomato, let’s remind the women in our lives to:

  • Keep your purse closed at all time;
  • Hold the purse snug and close to your body;
  • Never let your purse stick out behind you;
  • Choose a wide-strapped handbag and wear that strap diagonally across your chest;
  • If it has a flap, wear the part that opens against your body;
  • If using a smaller or short-strapped purse walk with it tucked under your arm;
  • Bury your wallet at the bottom of your purse or inside in a separate zipped compartment;
  • Never hang your handbag on the backside of a chair while in a public place;
  • If you must put your purse on the floor at a public place, tuck the strap of the purse under your thigh;
  • Never leave your purse in a baby stroller or shopping cart – as you will more than likely forget and turn your attention somewhere else;
  • Remember if a thief tries to take your purse from you – let him or her have the purse. You can really get hurt if you put up a struggle.

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