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Roseville Personal Injury Accident Lawyer — An experienced Roseville personal injury accident lawyer can give you good advice when you are faced with delayed symptoms following a car crash. While some accidents result in immediate and visible harm such as lacerations, bruising and broken bones, other symptoms may not appear until hours or days later. This can create a problem when dealing with an insurance company if medical care is not sought right away to document the accident.

When to See a Doctor

Seeing a physician right away is a good idea and can help your Roseville personal injury accident lawyer build a strong case for compensation. Otherwise, the insurance company may deny your claim, and you could end up stuck with mounting medical bills, as well as time away from work and other expenses. Having an evaluation and check-up can document some injuries even before symptoms arise. Staying aware of any symptoms that arise later on is important and should be reevaluated by a return visit to your physician.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Pain in the shoulder or neck area can be signs of cervical strain or sprain, which is one of the most common injuries in a car accident. According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms normally arise within 24 hours but can be delayed. Damage to tissues and broken bones can also present pain in these areas. Problems in the cervical area may take anywhere from weeks to months to heal and can be accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, numbness, and disturbances in hearing and vision.

Pain in the Back

Back pain that occurs hours or days following a collision can signify whiplash, a cervical disc problem, spinal injury or damage to the soft tissues. When it is accompanied by a tingling sensation or numbness, it may indicate a pinched nerve. Back injuries can cause problems with mobility and pain that requires treatment as well as affect the life of the sufferer. A Roseville personal injury accident lawyer can advise you on long-term financial relief for injuries that become chronic conditions.

Pain in the Abdomen

Pain in the abdominal area can indicate internal bleeding or other injuries and may not occur for several hours following an accident. Bruising and dizziness may be additional symptoms due to the blood loss. Some abdominal injuries are caused by the positioning of the seat belt during impact. Abdominal pain following an accident may be serious and requires medical attention right away. Surgery may be necessary to locate the source of internal bleeding or tend to damaged organs such as the spleen, liver or bowel. A Roseville personal injury accident lawyer can help ensure that medical bills, which are likely to be extensive, are recovered.


Headaches, dizziness and other symptoms may be minor or as serious as traumatic brain injuries such as a concussion or bleeding. Headaches can also indicate strain or sprain in the cervical area. If you struck your head or it was violently tossed about in an accident, it should be evaluated by a physician. Sometimes the symptoms of TBI are slow to emerge, and more serious cases can be life-threatening. A Roseville personal injury accident lawyer can help by compiling the evidence in the accident case, including that from witnesses and obtain expert testimony if needed, to help the injured person collect damages.

Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer

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