Rosemont Motorcycle Accident Claims Life

Fatal Accident Reported at Manlove Road Intersection

A motorcycle accident in Rosemont claimed the life of the rider in a collision with a truck on April 8. The accident happened at Manlove Road and South Watt Avenue during the morning hours, according to a report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Crews with Metro Fire arrived at the scene and reported that the motorcycle rider was found deceased. The motorcycle accident is being investigated by the CHP to discover how the collision occurred.

Causes of a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The rider of a motorcycle is likely to suffer serious injuries or lose their life when he or she collides with a motor vehicle. It is even more dangerous when weather conditions make it difficult to see clearly ahead. The following are ways in which a negligent driver can cause a fatal motorcycle accident:

  • When the driver pulls onto the highway from a side road, he/she doesn’t notice the motorcycle.
  • As a motorcycle approaches, a motorist may turn in front of them. Drivers don’t realize how difficult it can be to judge the speed and distance of an approaching motorcyclist when they think they can cross before the rider reaches them.
  • One of the most common causes of motorcycle deaths is speeding by the driver of a motor vehicle. Due to the driver’s speed, there is a longer distance required to stop, and he or she may lose control of the vehicle.
  • When drivers are distracted, accidents with motorcycles are more likely to occur. It can cause a crash if a driver is distracted while driving, such as texting or focusing on anything but the road ahead.
  • When a driver tailgates, a motorcyclist may end up getting thrown off their bike.
  • All types of collisions can be attributed to drunk driving. Because drunk drivers weave in and out of their lanes, they may hit motorcycle riders coming from the opposite direction.

A Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Claim

The rules of the road apply to motorcyclists just as they do to everyone else, but they also have the same rights. The family or estate of the deceased motorcyclist may file a wrongful death claim if a negligent motorist or other entity caused the accident. Unfortunately, motorcyclists in movies tend to be presented as uncaring and reckless, which is why an injured rider or grieving family should hire a lawyer who knows how to dispel this image.

Here at our law firm, we have successfully handled many wrongful death lawsuits, understand all the tricks used by insurance companies to deny claims, and know what to do to counter them. Our attorneys provide unbiased education about what motorcycle riders are like as upstanding, cautious citizens who do their best to remain safe on the road if the case goes to civil court. 

What Can Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Families who file a wrongful death lawsuit may recover:

  • Expenses associated with the funeral and burial 
  • Salary earned by the deceased until retirement age, including pension, health insurance, and any other benefits are recoverable
  • Damages can be recovered by the surviving spouse for the loss of consortium, emotional support and comfort the deceased provided
  • Loss of guidance and nurturing due to the parent’s death can be recovered by children in the family
  • The decedent’s loss of household services is compensated financially
  • Beneficiaries in the decedent’s will would have received a higher inheritance if the deceased person had lived, which can be compensated

Rosemont Wrongful Death Lawyer

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