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Rollover Accident Involving Multiple Injuries Reported on I-5

Two Adults and Three Children Injured in Accident Near Elk Grove

Multiple injuries occurred to two adults and three children in an accident in Sacramento County southeast of Elk Grove on May 1. The collision occurred at around noon along Interstate 5 at Lambert Road, when a vehicle overturned for unexplained reasons, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The adults and all three children were hospitalized following the crash, as reported by authorities with the Cosumnes Fire Department. 

Investigation Underway Following Rollover Accident

The accident is under investigation to determine how it occurred. No further information on those who were injured has yet been released.

Why a Rollover Accident Is So Dangerous

An accident involving an overturned vehicle is one of the most dangerous types of collisions and often causes catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Ejection from the vehicle: The occupants of a vehicle that experiences a rollover are more likely to be ejected. If the occupants of the vehicle are not using seat belts, they are more likely to be ejected during a rollover. In addition, if the seat belts are defective and break, an ejection is more apt to occur. If the seat belt breaks, it might be because of a defect in the straps or buckle, which could make the manufacturer liable for the injuries.
  • Additional injuries often occur during a rollover: Because the airbags deploy in an accident and deflate a few seconds later, it doesn’t offer sufficient protection against additional injuries. In a rollover, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord, and abdominal trauma is common.
  • Roof crush: Some vehicles experience roof crush during a rollover. Manufacturers are required to build vehicles that can withstand 3.5 times the vehicle’s weight to prevent roof crush. However, because it costs more to manufacture the car, not all manufacturers abide by this rule. 

Causes of a Rollover Accident

There are a number of reasons a rollover accident can occur, and some vehicles are more likely to be involved in one. Light trucks, vans, and SUVs are often involved in a rollover due to their higher center of gravity. Some of the most common reasons for a rollover include:

  • A missing sign that indicates a sharp curve can cause a rollover, which can indicate that the government entity in charge of maintenance is at fault.
  • A defect in the vehicle can lead to a rollover. Brakes that become mushy, a tire blowout, or problems with the steering can all cause this type of potentially catastrophic accident. When a vehicle defect leads to a rollover, a claim may be placed against the manufacturer and others in the production line through placing an auto products liability claim.
  • An aggressive driver who is tailgating or making other dangerous maneuvers can cause a motorist to lose control and end up in a rollover accident.
  • Road hazards are another cause of a rollover. Lack of warning signs when approaching a suddenly narrowed construction area or items dropped in the roadway can lead to a rollover when a driver comes upon them suddenly and overcorrects to try and avoid a collision.

Retaining a Vehicle After a Rollover Accident

A rollover accident can have many causes in a single-vehicle crash. This is why it is so important to retain the vehicle after a collision as evidence. This way, engineers can examine the vehicle to determine the exact cause to hold the appropriate at-fault party liable.

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