Rollout of Electric Scooters and Bikes Delayed in Some Areas

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September 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Rollout of Electric Scooters and Bikes Delayed in Some Areas

The new rollout of electric scooters and bikes scheduled to appear in three areas in Sacramento County are probably going to be delayed until sometime next spring. This is because of problems with hardware and an increase in Chinese import tariffs recently put into place by President Trump. The pilot program was scheduled by Gotcha, a ride-sharing company, and was funded by the Council of Governments in the Sacramento area. Under the program, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, and Folsom residents were to have access to as many as 50 scooters and bikes this fall. 

How an Attorney Can Help

When someone is injured in an electric scooter or bike accident, they need the insight an injury lawyer can provide. Our firm dispatches our investigative team to the site of the accident to scour the area for evidence as to why the incident occurred. We also interview witnesses, obtain storefront video of the accident, and review police reports for accuracy. Once this data is accumulated, our lawyers construct a strong case against the negligent party and use it in negotiations with insurance companies or incorporate it into a civil case in court.

Delays Becoming Common

According to the CEO of Gotcha, Sean Flood, it would be a challenge to meet the timeline for the rollout of the electric scooters and bikes at this time. This would have been among the first attempts that a shared-vehicle company would place them in locations outside the traditional urban areas. Delays in placing electric scooters and e-bikes around the country on college campuses and in cities have been a problem as Gotcha attempts to increase its influence in order to compete with other companies such as Lime and Jump. For example, bikes meant to be shipped to Vermont are still in China, and systems planned for North County in San Diego and Waco, Texas, are indefinitely postponed. A campus program for East Carolina University in North Carolina has been delayed also. The CEO of the company is hopeful that the timeline for delivery of the bikes and scooters will be adjusted with a specific date to launch them and a realistic timeline.

Where the E-Bikes and Scooters Can Be Found

Eventually, electric scooters and bikes will be located in Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove and Folsom in convenient locations. These bikes and scooters can help workers travel to their jobs or head out for short shopping trips. In Rancho Cordova, docking locations are expected to be located at the light rail stations at Sunrise and Mather Field.  Additional stations will be placed at sites that have not yet been determined. In Elk Grove, electric scooters and bikes can be used in an area of about one mile around Elk Grove and Laguna boulevards as well as Old Town Elk Grove and Bruceville Road. Locations, where hubs or docking stations will be placed in Folsom, has not yet been determined, pending review by the city council.

Dangers Associated With Electric Scooters

Electric scooters and bikes can pose problems and lead to serious injuries. On one level, riders of electric scooters and bikes can be injured by drivers or hurt due to product defects. Pedestrians can suffer harm when electric scooter riders leave the micro-mobility vehicles about the city in random places frequented by walkers. Some pedestrians may be harmed by a rider making reckless moves. 

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