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Role of Distracted Driving in Car Crashes

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December 18, 2017
Edward Smith


Role of Distracted Driving in Car Crashes

I’m Ed Smith, a Rocklin auto accident attorney. Auto accidents claim many lives and cause numerous injuries in California and around the country. One of the major causes of car crashes is distracted driving. When this happens due to another driver who is negligent, the injured victim can obtain fair compensation to pay medical and other bills associated with the crash.

What Is Distracted Driving?

When a driver’s attention is diverted away from the road while driving, that is distracted driving. This may include any of the following or other distractions as reported by SafeStart:

  • Lack of concentration: This is reported as the leading cause of distracted driving. Lack of concentration may include daydreaming or thinking about other things rather than concentrating on the road ahead.
  • Cell phone: Talking or texting on a phone is the second most common cause of distracted driving accidents. Although California drivers must now use hands-free phones under the Wireless Communications Device Law, even using a hands-free phone may increase the risk of an accident.
  • Adjusting the radio or climate control knobs: Drivers may think this motion is done quickly enough to avoid an accident. It isn’t.
  • Outside distractions: Passing by an accident or other vehicles can distract the driver because it’s tempting to take a look.
  • Drinking or eating: Although cup holders are in a vehicle for a reason, waiting until the vehicle is stopped to eat or drink is a better idea.
  • Reaching for something: A driver might be reaching for the GPS, a handbag or anything else in the vehicle. This momentary distraction is enough to cause an accident.
  • Moving objects inside the vehicle: This can range from your pet, Fido, to one of your children or a bug that flew in through the open window.
  • Talking with passengers: Getting into a long conversation or argument while behind the wheel is a bad idea.
  • Activities associated with smoking: Lighting or putting out a cigarette or cigar can be a distraction. It’s even more dangerous if the driver drops a lit cigarette while driving.
  • Adjusting objects in the car: If the seat, mirrors or the like need adjustment, do it before starting up the motor.

Distracted Driving Causes a High Number of Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,477 deaths caused by distracted driving in 2015. Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents caused by a distracted driver totaled 391,000. reports that nearly 430,000 individuals are injured every year in distracted driver crashes.

Injuries Caused by Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, like other accident causes, can result in terrible injuries or loss of life. From brain injuries and spinal cord damage to fractured bones and internal damage, it causes much more than physical damage. The accident victim is left with mounting medical bills, lost time away from work and many additional expenses caused by the crash. When this happens, a seasoned injury lawyer can assist in recovering compensation to pay those expenses.

Rocklin Auto Accident Attorney

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