Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary

Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary

Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary

Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary – The City of Rocklin is a serene city in Placer County located about 22 miles north of Sacramento. This year marks the 125th anniversary of Rocklin. To honor the milestone throughout the year, residents, city officials, and visitors alike are celebrating with a series of city-wide festivities that include live music, food, family-friendly activities, and historical displays. Rocklin has come a long way since the transcontinental railroad days and has accomplished quite a bit in the past 125 years.

History of Rocklin

Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary

Rocklin’s long, rich history is personally tied to the transcontinental railroad. The railroad was completed in 1869, drastically increasing railroad traffic throughout town. Rocklin was incorporated in 1893 during the peak of railroad and granite mining activities. The city got its name “Rocklin” after its granite quarry. By 1912, the city had 22 quarries operating, and about 2,000 trains of carloads of granite were being sent out of town to construct buildings in San Francisco and in Sacramento to become a part of what is now California’s State Capitol building.

Modern Rocklin

The most notable growth of the City of Rocklin has been within the past 40 years. In the early 1980s, the city recognized that a lower cost of living and land would draw high tech firms and other industries to the region. Expansion of commercial and residential development soon began and since then, a steady period of growth continued in Rocklin.

Looking into the Future

The city is now coming to the end of its development phase. With just a few large, undeveloped plots remaining with no opportunities for appropriation, city leaders are now changing their focus from growth to long-term sustainability. To ensure that Rocklin’s quality of life can be prolonged in the years to come, city leaders are thinking of new ways to do things that can also provide for new opportunities. The city is referring to one core model for long-term sustainability: by looking back on where it all began, its history. Rocklin’s rich history has prepared the city for continued success.

Booming City

Rocklin’s historic and downtown areas are booming with new opportunities for revitalization. With so many unique shops, restaurants and nightlife, hundreds of people flock to the city every year to experience a taste of what Rocklin has to offer. With so much history to look back on, Rocklin residents, businesses and organizations can all agree that their city has been a great place to live, work and play for the last 125 years.

Watch YouTube Video: Rocklin Then and Now – 125th Anniversary Video.  This short video showcases the past and present of the City of Rocklin and celebrates its 125th Anniversary.

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Rocklin Commemorates 125th Year Anniversary:

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