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Rental Cars Phone Sync Risk

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November 24, 2016
Edward Smith

Rental Cars Phone Sync Risk

I’m Ed Smith, an Antioch auto accident attorney. The new and trending bluetooth options in vehicles today has only created more bad than good in the long run. The reason being is that the computer system in the vehicle retains information from your mobile device in its memory. This leads to the possible risk of hackers accessing an individual’s information breach.


Drivers such as Kristy Yoskey, an experienced business traveler, may utilize rental vehicles for long-distance trips. Some of these drivers, such as Yoskey, sync their mobile devices through bluetooth, USB port or an auxiliary cord to utilize navigation tools or play music to make their trip run smoothly on the roadway. However, this action may only impose a negative consequence for the personal information of the driver. According to Bryan Safara, a Secure State research analyst, a motor vehicle stores the phone number that corresponds to your mobile device so it may connect back to the device at a later time. In contrast, the navigation system in the rental vehicle stores the previous history. It is wise for a driver that utilizes a rental vehicle to refrain from syncing their mobile device to the vehicle or clear out the history in the computer system including navigation and bluetooth history of the vehicle as much as possible.

Watch YouTube Video – By: EpicReviewsTech – Bluetooth Security Risk in Rental Cars

The following video discusses about how information from a mobile device is retained in a vehicle with the bluetooth option. The tech in this video also lists the risks of syncing your mobile device in a rental vehicle. When reviewing this video, it is best for drivers to set-up and utilize their mobile device before they start driving to prevent distracted driving accidents.


An increase in technological advances has created a change in society for some to rely on their mobile devices to assist as well as entertain them on their driving trips. Many drivers that rent automobiles from rental vehicle companies may not know the risk of syncing their phones to their rental vehicles computer system. The computer system of a vehicle is similar to that of the traditional desktop or laptop computer for the reasons being that these devices retain and hold information from your mobile devices. Also, computer systems in vehicles are also susceptible to the trending increase in computer hacking. The increase in computer science majors due to the demand for new and innovative technology has only prompted the increase in hacking devices in modern day society. Hackers that target computer systems in motor vehicles may have the ability to control the vehicle which may lead to automobile accidents and possibly even death.

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