Reduce the Risk of an Accident when Driving a Motorcycle at Night

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is being struck by a motorist who doesn’t see you. This is particularly true at night, when it’s not only harder for a motorcyclists to see but also harder to be seen by other drivers. Often, driver’s at fault for colliding with a motorcyclist will claim that they never saw the motorcycle.

Driving a motorcycle at night is risky. You cannot see or be seen as well as you can in the daytime. As a result, it is important to reduce the risk of being struck by a careless driver. It’s best not to drive a motorcycle at night at all but sometimes this is not always possible. Here are ways to drive more safely at night.


Lights and High Beam Use
Ensure that your headlights are properly working and use your high beams at night when safe to do so unless it’s foggy. If there isn’t any oncoming traffic, flip on your high beams to increase your visibility. Also, use the lights of the vehicle ahead of you to get a better view of what lies ahead.

Increase your Visibility
Wear bright reflective clothing or safety gear. Increase your visual presence when riding by wearing a reflective safety jacket, vest and helmet. Add reflective tape to your helmet, wheel rims and saddlebag to help you be seen.

Reduce your Speed
Ride slower than you would during the day. Particularly on roads that you do not know well. If there is something lying on the road ahead, you may not see it in time to avoid it. Riding slower will increase your ability to avoid a hazard.

Increase your Distance from other Vehicles
Distances are harder to judge at night than during the day time. Artificial lighting used at night has a tendency to distort how far away an object appears to be. Make up for this by allowing extra distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you and allow more distance to pass.

Remember, in California, if you only have a motorcycle learners permit, you are restricted from driving at night.

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