Redding Vehicle Accident Statistics

Redding Vehicle Accident Statistics

Redding is the largest Californian city north of Sacramento and sits right on one of the largest highways in the United States. These factors mean that residents of Redding often see a high volume of both commuter and local traffic. While Redding is a great place to live, an increase in traffic almost always leads to a higher rate of serious car accidents. While it may not be likely that you will be involved in a collision on any given drive, all it takes is a single incident to cause major or even fatal injuries. Residents of Redding who want to improve their roadways safety may be interested in the following statistics about car accidents in their city.

Accidents Overview

According to information from researchers at UC Berkeley, 5,273 traumatic auto accidents took place in Redding between the beginnings of 2007 and 2019. These 5,273 collisions left 7,287 people with injuries that ranged from minor to severe. Additionally, 102 people suffered trauma that cost them their lives.

Out of the 5,237 collisions, 371 involved a pedestrian, 411 were motorcycle accidents, and 405 involved a bicycle. About thirty percent of Redding’s injury accidents happened on a highway operated by the state of California within city limits.


Redding’s traumatic crashes resulted in mostly non-visible injuries, which accounted for about 64 percent of the accidents in question. Following non-visible injuries were moderate visible injuries, accounting for nearly 29 percent. Severe injuries made up around five percent of the traumatic crashes and, finally, fatal collision accounted for just under two percent. Accidents in Redding tended to be less severe than crashes across all of Shasta County, for which severe and fatal crashes accounted for about ten and three percent of collisions respectively.

Collision Type

The following list contains the most common types of accidents to cause injuries in Redding during 2007-2019. These collision types are listed from most to least common next to the number of accidents they caused.

  • Rear End, 1697
  • Broadside, 1570
  • Hit Object, 577
  • Head-On, 347
  • Sideswipe, 342
  • Pedestrian, 310
  • Rollover, 222
  • Other, 141
  • Not Stated, 67

Recovering from Injuries

The period of time after suffering trauma in a traffic accident can be very difficult for crash survivors and their families. Not only do survivors often face a long, painful road to regaining their physical health, but being injured can also mean dealing with a host of serious financial concerns. It’s well known that medical bills can be stiflingly high, and many injured people are left either temporarily or permanently unable to continue working. Together, these issues can leave families wondering how they will be able to provide for themselves.

These issues can feel overwhelming, but people can often receive relief through financial compensation in a personal injury case. To get more information about personal injury cases or to get advice about your specific situation, it’s a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney with a good reputation and ample experience. Learn more about finding an attorney by watching this video:

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