Redding Pedestrian Collision Causes Deadly Injuries

Redding Pedestrian Collision Results in Deadly Injuries

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, one person sadly passed away as the result of a Redding pedestrian collision. Officers with the Redding Police Department (RPD) report that the collision happened in the evening at the intersection of two major roadways and involved a single car in addition to the pedestrian. At this time, Shasta County authorities are still withholding the name and information of the decedent pending her family’s notification.

Crash Information

According to RPD, the crash happened at 6:47 p.m. at the intersection of Victor and Hartnell Avenues in the southeastern quadrant of the city. Based on preliminary investigations and statements from several witnesses, police believe that the woman was attempting to cross Hartnell Avenue from north to south when she was struck by a black 2005 Chevy Trailblazer.

After the accident occurred, police received notification regarding the incident and immediately sent emergency officials to respond. At the site, officers found the woman was critically traumatized during the crash. Medical officials had her placed on an ambulance and rushed to the Mercy Medical Center to be given emergency treatment. However, she tragically passed away while in hospital custody. No other parties suffered injuries during the incident, according to RPD.


RPD investigators are actively attempting to determine all of the causal factors that contributed to this accident but have not yet stated what, if any, causes they suspect were involved. Frequently, pedestrian-involved auto accidents occur for multiple reasons. Furthermore, a number of common pedestrian auto accident factors cannot be controlled by drivers or pedestrians. These kinds of causes can be things like roadways with inadequate pedestrian infrastructure, poor lighting, or missing signage as well as defective vehicle parts like brakes or tires.

Private Collision Investigations Are Important

Police investigating an accident like this one are presented with a serious challenge: How can they fully understand what caused the crash without being able to interview the pedestrian? Sadly, this issue can mean that police won’t uncover important evidence that would have otherwise been a critical part of your family’s wrongful death case.

To ensure that your family can hold all at-fault parties responsible, it’s crucial to reach out to a skilled Redding wrongful death lawyer with the ability to launch a private collision investigation. By investigating the incident themselves, your attorney will use their time and resources to prioritize you and your family while looking for evidence of negligence.

How to Find a Great Lawyer

Wrongful death claims can be very important to families, so it is equally important to know that your lawyer has the right experience and skills to effectively handle the job. Fortunately, families can easily get in touch with a trustworthy Redding wrongful death lawyer by looking online and considering a few key factors. To learn more, feel free to watch this helpful video:


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