Redding Crash Hospitalizes Seven

Redding Crash Hospitalizes Seven

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer Tim Hinkson stated that an auto accident in Redding injured multiple people on Sunday, December 23, 2018. While details about their injuries have not been reported, Hinkson confirmed that seven people were transported to various hospitals in the area to receive emergency treatment and injuries ranged from moderate to severe. The accident involved only two vehicles. Local reports indicated that the crash caused major traffic after officials shut down the collision area to passing cars. The CHP said their investigators are still trying to find out what factors may have caused this traumatic crash.

Crash Information

According to Hinkson, the crash involved a Dodge pickup truck and a Toyota Camry and occurred near an intersection located on Airport Road between Dersch Road and Prairie Lane. Reports indicated that the Camry struck the Dodge head-on after it swerved into oncoming traffic lanes. Officers stated that the Camry had apparently veered to avoid hitting a stopped vehicle that had been waiting to perform a turn. No further details have been provided so far.

Injuries and Investigation

Officers of CHP and the Redding Fire Department sent emergency staff to the accident scene. Medics at the crash scene said that seven people received injuries requiring hospitalization and that one of the Camry passengers had suffered a serious facial laceration. Updates on the conditions of the severely injured vehicle occupants have not been reported. However, no fatalities have been confirmed.

So far, investigators have not reported what factors they believe may have been a part of this collision. However, factors that are often involved in crashes like this one include speeding, medical issues, driving while distracted, slick asphalt or other roadway hazards, and more.

Head-On Accidents

Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of accidents. This is because vehicles that collide head-on transfer their full momentum into the crash, giving much more force to the impact. The shock of a head-on accident often leaves vehicle occupants with severe injuries which can be difficult to recover from or even cause permanent health issues. Even though most vehicles have safety features that focus on minimizing the impact of head-on crashes, these accidents account for more than ten percent of fatal collisions while only making up about two percent of vehicle accidents overall.

Accident Damages

Recovering after a crash can be a long process. Dealing with the emotional impact of being in a serious accident, going to physical therapy to regain strength, taking medications, learning to do household tasks with limited mobility, and other aspects of recovery can take weeks, months, and even years. Not only this, but the recovery process can also be costly. However, when people are injured in car accidents, reckless drivers and other negligent parties can often be held responsible for paying for these damages. The types of payments available to crash survivors vary for each individual case, and the best way to know what your options are is to get in touch with a local Redding personal injury lawyer.

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