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Redding Couple Killed During Lassen County Plane Crash

Redding Couple Fatally Injured During Lassen County Plane Crash

On Saturday, August 15, 2020, two people sadly passed away during a Lassen County plane crash. The decedents have been identified as 45-year-old Kevin Fore and 35-year-old Krista Holstrom, a couple from Redding. The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) reported that the accident occurred in the afternoon not far from Susanville. The cause of the plane crash remains under investigation.

Accident Information

According to reports, the couple were on their way back from Susanville after visiting to have lunch with family and had planned to stop at Eagle Lake on the way back. The plane, a single-engine Piper PA 14, took off from the Susanville Airport and was reportedly flying at around 500 feet in the air when, for unknown reasons, the engine stalled. According to an accident witness, the left wing of the plane dipped toward the ground, and the craft began to spiral downward. Both individuals were found fatally injured at the accident scene.


Officials have indicated that both Holstrom and Fore were experienced pilots and had completed this exact trip multiple times. Additionally, Holstrom had been a flight instructor at an area training school as well as a member of an international organization promoting women in Aviation.

As authorities continue to look into what factors could have caused the accident, no causes have been confirmed. In cases like this, it’s common that the accident is caused by a defective airplane part or other factors outside of pilot control.

The Impact of a Deadly Accident

Learning that a person you love has suddenly passed away can be unbearable. The grief that families in this situation experience can be intense and even overwhelming. While it can feel impossible to cope, people are often able to find comfort by relying on the support of their families, friends, and members of their communities.

However, deadly accidents can also have a major financial impact. Families often face a sudden loss of income and/or valuable services and may worry about how they will be able to pay their bills. Additionally, burial and funeral services can be very expensive, adding to the financial stress of fatal accidents. Dealing with these issues can make it very hard for families to properly focus on coping with their grief.

Getting Help

Fortunately, families impacted by deadly accidents can reach out for help. By working with a trusted Redding wrongful death lawyer, it’s often possible to hold at-fault parties responsible and recover the payments they need to have financial security after such a terrible loss. While the presence of a person you love can’t be replaced, it is often possible to obtain payments for both economic and personal damages including loss of parental guidance, loss of companionship, and other types of personal suffering.

To learn about what your family may be able to recover through a wrongful death case, it’s best to speak personally to an attorney in your area. Most lawyers are more than happy to offer free advice over a phone call.

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