Redding Collision Injures Motorized Wheelchair Driver

Redding Collision Injures Motorized Wheelchair Driver

Redding Police Department (RPD) officers reported a serious auto accident on Monday, January 14, 2018. The crash involved a passenger vehicle and a pedestrian who had been using an electric wheelchair. Officials who responded to the accident said that the pedestrian, identified as 54-year-old Redding man Genaro Maravilla, received serious injuries during the incident. The most recent reports stated that Maravilla was in the care of a local hospital where his condition was listed as critical.

Crash Details

RPD stated that the accident took place at about 12:15 in a residential area in Redding. Maravilla had been traveling south on Willis Street in the roadway when he entered the intersection at Placer Street. Maravilla entered the intersection against traffic on Placer Street and was broadsided by a vehicle being driven by an 81-year-old Redding woman. Reports indicated that the woman had been driving westbound and said she did not have time to avoid striking Maravilla as he entered the intersection.


Emergency personnel was immediately dispatched to the accident location. Maravilla was found lying in the roadway, and medical officials determined that he had sustained major trauma. He was rushed via ambulance to the Mercy Medical Center to be given emergency medical attention. The driver of the involved vehicle had been wearing her seatbelt during the accident and was reportedly not injured.


Police are still investigating this crash but have confirmed that neither alcohol nor drugs were involved. So far, a full report on suspected accident factors has not been released. Collision factors that are commonly involved in crashes like this one are various and include product defects, medical issues, driving errors, and more.

Calling a Personal Injury Attorney

The period of time directly after a serious crash can be very stressful. Many people who find out that their loved one is in a hospital find it hard to focus on anything else and dealing with this kind of traumatic event can leave people feeling both emotionally and physically exhausted. However, responsible parties often do not have to deal with these issues and get to work right away in order to defend themselves from financial liability. For this reason, it is important to call a Redding personal injury lawyer as soon as you can so that they can begin investigating and preparing your case.

You may be worried because you don’t know what to expect from a personal injury lawyer. If this is the case, you can learn some information about the initial injury interview with an injury attorney by watching this video:

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