Redding Auto Accident Statistics

Redding Auto Accident Statistics

Redding Auto Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Redding auto accident lawyer. Beautiful views of nearby forests, rivers, and mountains can make Redding feel like a rural location that is far away from the bustle of a major city. However, not only is Redding located on one of the largest highways in the United States, but it is also the most populated Californian city north of Sacramento. These two facts together mean that Redding sees a fair amount of highway and city street traffic every day. Unfortunately, wherever there is vehicle traffic, there is the risk for dangerous auto accidents.

Redding has been the site of thousands of traumatic car accidents over the past decade. These accidents have resulted in nearly 6,000 injuries and 88 deaths. However, knowing about how, when, and where these accidents take place can help area drivers stay safe and avoid being involved in a crash themselves.

Accidents Overview

Redding was the site of 4,304 accidents resulting in traumatic injuries during 2008-2017, according to data published by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley. These 4,304 collisions included 338 motorcycle wrecks, 339 bicycle/vehicle crashes, and 298 pedestrian accidents. The remaining 3,329 accidents involved only passenger vehicles, commercial semi trucks, or both.

Additionally, around 29 percent of Redding accidents took place on a state highway, a relatively small percentage compared to most cities on a major freeway such as Interstate 5.

Collision Type

The following list contains the accident types that most often cause injuries in Redding from most to least common. Next to the accident type is the total number of crashes of that type recorded during 2008-2017.

  • Rear-End – 1366
  • Broadside – 1288
  • Hit Object – 484
  • Sideswipe- 268
  • Pedestrian- 243
  • Rollover- 182
  • Other- 117

Dangerous Intersections

Redding’s most common accident types, rear-end and broadside crashes, both commonly take place at intersections. Intersections are often the site of numerous accidents and can be dangerous for a number of reasons including poor visibility, lack of signage, and more. These intersections in Redding have been the site of a high number of injury-causing crashes:

  • Canby Road at Churn Creek Road and Cypress Avenue
  • Churn Creek Road at Hartnell Avenue
  • Cypress Avenue at Hilltop Drive
  • Pine East Street at Placer Street
  • Market Pine Alley at Shasta Street
  • Lake Boulevard at Market Street
  • Bechelli Lane at Cypress Avenue
  • Churn Creek Road at Dana Drive
  • Pine Street at Shasta Street
  • Pine Street at Tehama Street and State Route 299

Accident Times

Traumatic collisions in Redding most often take place between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m, with the hours between noon and 6:00 p.m. having an especially high accident rate. Accidents rarely take place between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Additionally, unlike many cities, Redding tends to see less severe accidents during the weekend, with crash rates dipping by a significant amount over Saturdays and Sundays.

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