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Recovering Medical Costs After a Car Accident

How a Lawyer Helps With Your Car Accident Medical Bills

How many times has a motorist been driving along peacefully and suddenly been involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver? According to statistics, this will happen three or four times during a person’s life.

The next thing they know, their injuries may send them to the hospital and they are off work until they recover, and that is if the trauma is fairly minor. However, a car accident injury can do a lot more than cause lost wages, medical bills, and emotional anguish. It can be devastating financially.

Rising Medical Bills Can Play Havoc With Your Financial Security

So, pretend a negligent driver has struck your car, and you have a head injury. An ambulance takes you to the emergency room to get treated. You undergo tests, an x-ray, a CAT scan, an MRI and an EEG and are assigned to a room. A specialist handles your case, and you are in the hospital for weeks as you undergo more testing and treatment.

In the meantime, of course, you aren’t getting paid for your job, and the bills start mounting. Even if you have some type of health insurance, it may not be enough to cover all the costs and then there are all those co-pays to deal with. Some ways you can protect your family’s finances are to:

  • Confirm that your health insurance is being billed for the costs.
  • If the accident is a legal case, talk to the office manager to ensure your health insurance is being billed. Being in an accident makes no difference in terms of billing, even if you intend to take the case to court.
  • Call your Citrus Heights car accident lawyer. He or she can contact the hospital for you to ensure your insurance company receives the bills.

Placing Your Car Accident Medical Bills on Hold

Your lawyer can write a letter of protection to the hospital. This formal statement will say that you have an ongoing legal case and expect to recover the compensation to pay your medical costs. The letter will ask that the provider place a hold on your medical bills. If the provider agrees, you will not be bothered by bills until your case has been resolved.

Recoverable Medical Expenses

Any medical costs associated with your car accident injury can be recovered, either through the insurance company or by taking the at-fault party to court. I’ve helped many people obtain the compensation they deserve over my 38 years as an injury lawyer. Call for a free consultation, and remember, you owe nothing until your case is settled or won in court. Medical expenses that can be recovered include:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Hospitalization, including the emergency room fees
  • Doctor and specialist fees 
  • All tests performed
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative care
  • Family physician bills
  • Laboratory costs
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medications
  • Pain management
  • Travel to and from the doctor
  • Home health care
  • Medical equipment and alterations for the home
  • Future medical costs if the injury is ongoing

In addition to the wages a client lost from being off work and for their pain and suffering, the costs listed above are recoverable. If a negligent motorist caused your car, truck, pedestrian, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, please call me to see if I can help. I will look over your case, answer your questions and tell you what options are available.

Citrus Heights Personal Injury Lawyer

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