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Reckless Driver Hits Three Vehicles on Sacramento Highway

Accident on SR 51 Affects Rush Hour Traffic

A reckless driver in Sacramento on a local highway on November 18 struck three other vehicles while speeding. The accident was reported along State Route 51 southbound just north of the E Street exit ramp around 9:10 in the morning. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, a driver in a black Toyota was speeding and hit a Volkswagen and then a commercial van. 

One Vehicle Overturns Due to Reckless Driver

The vehicles were left blocking the number three lane. One of the vehicles had overturned twice and struck the right-hand side. Traffic was blocked by the accident as investigators with the CHP determined how it happened. Information on the number and severity of injuries in the multiple-vehicle crash was not released.

Reckless Driving Is a Major Cause of Accidents

Reckless driving endangers others using the roadway and is a major cause of all types of traffic accidents. Because a reckless driver is committing a traffic infraction, they may be held financially liable for any injuries or fatalities caused by a crash. Following are some examples of reckless driving:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions
  • Tailgating
  • Running a stop sign or red light

Dangers of a Rollover

A rollover is one of the dangers of being involved in a traffic collision. As in any crash, the airbags deploy, which helps to protect the driver and other passengers. However, the airbags deflate quickly, offering no further protection as passengers inside are thrown around inside and may strike the inside of the vehicle or be struck by flying objects. Added to that, roof crush becomes a threat and causes serious trauma such as spinal cord damage, broken bones, and traumatic brain injury. 

Dangers of Roof Crush

Roof crush occurs when a vehicle experiences a rollover and the top of the vehicle caves in. This can result in traumatic injuries, especially since the passengers inside are belted in usually. Manufacturers are held to certain standards regarding roof strength in motor vehicles. 

When those standards are not upheld, roof crush can occur. In these cases, the manufacturer, designer of the vehicle, and others may be held responsible for injuries and fatalities through a product liability lawsuit. The dangers of roof crush are one of the reasons it is vitally important to retain the vehicle following an accident, so investigators may examine it for structural problems.

Investigation of a Traffic Accident

Our experienced investigators go the extra mile in finding the cause of an accident and establishing fault. They review the police report for mistakes and talk to witnesses. Accident reconstruction is performed, and cameras in the area are sought to see if the accident involving a reckless driver was captured on tape. 

In addition, signs of government negligence are sought. This may include poor lighting, weakened guardrails, and other problems that could have resulted in a rollover or contributed to the crash. Once the evidence is compiled, our injury lawyers go to work to build a case to support our client’s compensation claim. 

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