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Rancho Cordova Major Injury Reported in Street Sweeper Crash

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September 17, 2021
Edward Smith

U.S. 50 Accident Occurs Between Street Sweeper and Truck

An accident causing major injury happened in Rancho Cordova on September 13 after a truck and street sweeper collided on U.S. 50. The crash happened around 10:51 at night along the eastbound side of U.S. 50 at the northbound Zinfandel Drive on-ramp. A heavy-duty tow truck was needed to remove a 24-foot truck weighing around 18 thousand pounds, which had sustained major rear-end damage. The accident is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to find out how it occurred and to place fault. At the time of this report, no information had been released on possible injuries in the collision.

Collisions With Large Trucks

When people hear about an accident with a large truck, they usually think of tractor-trailers. However, there are many large vehicles on the roadways that can end up causing an injury accident, including dump or garbage trucks, street sweepers, and others. Although these vehicles are used for different purposes, all of them tend to be much heavier and larger than passenger cars and have big blind spots all the way around, which increases the risk.

Avoiding Major Injury When Traveling Near a Large Truck

There are a number of ways in which a motorist in a passenger vehicle or light truck can stay safer while sharing the roadway with much larger vehicles. Some helpful suggestions include:

Stay away from a big truck’s blind spots. Blind spots are often on all sides of a big truck, which can lead to an accident causing major injury if the driver doesn’t realize your vehicle is there.

  • Turn your signal on a little earlier when changing lanes near a big truck. Because a big vehicle takes longer to react and is more cumbersome to handle on the road, this advance warning can help avoid a major injury.
  • Never tailgate a large vehicle. Big trucks can experience mechanical problems, get blown over in a strong wind, and the driver can’t see you if you’re following too closely. Lagging a safe distance behind a big rig can mean the difference in whether you have time to stop or avoid a collision in an emergency or become involved in an underride accident.
  • Don’t lag by the side of a big truck. Since the driver of a large truck can’t always see vehicles to the side, pacing a big vehicle to pass is a bad idea. 
  • Beware of large trucks making a turn. Because commercial vehicles, especially tractor-trailers, are so large and long, they often end up swinging partially into the next lane when making a turn. Otherwise, part of their truck might end up over the curb. If a truck is showing a turn signal, stay well back and give the driver room to maneuver.

Rancho Cordova Truck Accident Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova truck accident lawyer. Injuries caused by a negligent truck driver can be serious and require hospitalization as well as lost time at work in addition to the pain and suffering. However, if the trucker or company that employs that driver was negligent and caused the accident, you might want to think about filing a claim for compensation. Contact us for our free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or at (800) 404-5400. We can also be reached online. By setting up a free, no-obligation case review, we can tell you whether you can file a claim, answer your questions and tell you what options are available to collect damages.

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