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November 27, 2015
Edward Smith

anthony sadler parents

Rancho Cordova honors hometown hero, Anthony Sadler.  Mr. Sadler is the gentleman pictured at the far right in the photo above. Being honored is becoming a regular event for Sadler and his two friends.  Sadler, was one of three hero’s on a high-speed train to Paris back in August.  As you will recall, the Sacramento-area trio, bravely working together, stopped a crazed gunman from carrying out what could have been a horrible massacre. Anthony Sadler’s parents were included in the honors recently.

A Special Tie to Rancho Cordova

Sadler and his parents are longtime Rancho Cordova residents.  The family has called Rancho Cordova home for over 15 years. Recently, Anthony with his parents by his side, led the pledge of allegiance at Rancho Cordova’s City Hall. In a celebratory and proud moment, the Sadler’s received the keys to the city.

The Paris Cafe Shooting Incident

Due to the recent and tragic events at a Paris Cafe and Concert Hall, the Sadler family quickly downplayed their celebration.  The family, taking the focus off themselves, encouraged the public to remember the lives lost in this recent tragedy. Sadler explained how hard it was to see footage of the recent shooting. He was deeply saddened that this could happen in Paris so soon after what he and his friends did this past summer to prevent a similar massacre.

Is the Paris Train Incident and Cafe/Concert Shooting Connected?

Investigators have recently suggested that the Paris train attack and this latest massacre was more than likely planned by the same mastermind. Anthony and his family acknowledge how easily his August 21st train attack could have ended quite differently.  They are grateful for every new day.

Bittersweet Emotions on Rancho Cordova’s Honoring Anthony Sadler’s Parents

Mayor of Rancho Cordova honors hometown hero as well as the hero’s parents. The mayor credits Anthony Sadler’s parents for raising a fine citizen.  The Sadler’s appreciate the sentiment. The Sadler family could not be more grateful, but said they have mixed emotions on this special day as their thoughts are with the victims.

We invite you to listen to Anthony Sadler as he describes to Jimmy Fallon the incidents of the August 2015 train attack.  

In the youtube video above, Anthony Sadler explains how he was enjoying a vacation in Europe. He was asleep on a train from Amsterdam to Paris. Suddenly, he woke up to what sounded like gunshots and glass shattering. Half asleep, he thought maybe he was dreaming. Then to his shock and horror he saw a gunman ready to shoot. He explains how it happened so fast. Sadler, and two other Sacramento-area men were able to take the gun away from the shooter and prevent a horrible tragedy from happening. 

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