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Rancho Cordova Coyote Alert After Pet Dog Killed

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July 21, 2016
Edward Smith

Rancho Cordova Pet Dog Killed

Rancho Cordova Coyote Alert After Pet Dog Killed

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Lawyer. A family in Rancho Cordova lost their pet dog, Travieso, to a coyote hunting down prey in the area.

What Happened?

The owner of the Chihuahua, Michelle Montelongo, let her pet outside to relieve itself during the early hours of the morning on Monday, July 18, 2016. Michelle heard Travieso’s scream for help but by the time Michelle ran outside, it was already too late. Michelle observed the coyote take Travieso and ran off with her pet in its mouth. Michelle stated that she and her family went to go search for their dog in their vehicle through the neighborhood. The family later discovered the body of their dog at Hagan Park, the local Rancho Cordova community park. Michelle’s family was able to scare the coyote away and obtain the body of their lifeless pet.

Rancho Cordova Public Safety Announcement

Michelle and her family have made the public safety announcement for local residents of the Rhonda Way and Hagan Park to closely monitor their pets and small children. The appearances of coyotes along the American River are common and they prey on rabbits and rodents but will hunt anything else down along the path. To view additional information stated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding coyotes in California, please click here.

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