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October 29, 2014
Edward Smith

Most dog bite attack victims suffer from lifelong psychological injury, including emotional trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and a fear of dogs. Even after a dog bite victim’s physical injuries have healed, emotional scarring can last a very long time. Each time a victim takes a walk through a park, walks down a sidewalk, strolls the beach or visits a dog owner’s home, the trauma from a dog bite can return.

Depression, shock and anxiety often plague a dog bite victim’s normal life effecting their well being, relationships, school and work. Children are particularly prone to developing post traumatic stress after a dog bite. Some of the symptoms of post traumatic stress include distressing memories of the event including flashbacks and dreams, avoidance, changes in mood such as feeling hopeless, and changes in their emotional reactions such as feeling irritable, angry or easily startled. Difficulty concentrating and trouble sleeping also tend to be problematic for a victim of a dog bite. More information about post traumatic stress can be found at the Mayo Clinic.

Additionally, a fear of dogs poses a major challenge to a dog bite victim. Even if a victim was a dog lover before the attack, he or she no longer feels comfortable around dogs. Typically, after an attack, a dog bite victim will feel anxious and have difficulty enjoying dogs companionship as usual. More information about dog phobia can be found here.

If you were bitten by a dog, the owner may be liable for your medical bills and psychological treatment. The dog bite Attorneys in Sacramento at the Edward A Smith Law Offices can help you pursue a claim for your expenses and suffering caused by the attack. Please contact our office at 916-921-6400 for a free evaluation. We can also be found on Yelp.