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Preventing Rollover Accidents

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January 26, 2017
Edward Smith


Preventing Rollover Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis auto accident attorney. Rollover accidents are one of the most frightening types of accidents a person can experience. The popular assumption about rollovers is that they occur due to driver error. This is not always the case. There are other important factors that should be considered when investigating this type of crash. Many times, an additional factor in Rollover collisions is whether the vehicle manufacturer had crashworthiness standards that adequately protectecd the occupants. Today we will talk about how the design of a vehicle can play a role in being involved in a rollover accident.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

The weight distribution of a vehicle is the greatest factor that can lead to a rollover accident. Vehicles manufactured with equal weight distributions are most likely to rollover than those with low centers of gravity.

Center of Gravity in Cars

The center of gravity is a geometric property that calculates the average location of where weight is distributed in an object. In motor vehicles, the centrifugal forces act through the center of gravity when the vehicle is accelerating, decelerating or turning.

According to, the most common vehicles that are susceptible to rollover accidents include taller and narrower vehicles such as pickups, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans. The reason behind this is that these vehicles have higher centers of gravity. Vehicles with a high center of gravity along with a narrow base will produce more force during turns. This later results in reduced vehicle stability, leaving the motorist susceptible to being involved in a rollover accident.

Watch YouTube Video – By: AAA – Road Safety Tips

The American Automobile Association (AAA) provides this helpful video to remind us all how we can better keep ourselves safe when venturing out onto the highway with our loved ones.

Driving Tips for Preventing Rollover Accidents

The following safety tips can be used to protect yourself and your passengers from a rollover collision:

  • When shopping for a vehicle, choose one with a low center of gravity along with a stable base
  • When hauling objects in a vehicle, be sure to check your owners’ manual for the recommended weight limit
  • Check the pressure of each tire on your vehicle
  • Always make sure that you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts before you drive
  • Watch your speed
  • Conduct turning movements at lower speeds
  • Adjust driving in inclement conditions
  • Never drive under the influence
  • Avoid texting and driving
  • Give yourself enough space and never tailgate the vehicle in front of you.

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