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Preventing Dog Bites

How to Prevent Dog Bites

Many people don’t know that dog bites remain a severe issue among the medical and legal communities. It is more effective to prevent these injuries than to treat them after they arise in many cases. What are the strategies for preventing dog bites?

Do Your Research Before Selecting a Family Pet

The first step in preventing these traumatic injuries is to select a proper family pet. Some dog breeds are more aggressive than others and may tend towards aggressive behavior that other dogs may not have. For example, the Pit Bull has been banned in many European countries. Other dog breeds, such as the Rottweiler and German Shephard, have a reputation throughout the dog community for quick anger triggers. This means that families should think twice before purchasing these dog breeds and instead look for dog breeds that have a more docile nature.

Do Not Approach a Dog That is Feeding Its Puppies

Yes, it can be tempting to pet every dog that we pass on the street; however, there are certain times that dogs do not want to be disturbed. Like a mother taking care of her baby, a dog feeding her puppies does not wish to be disturbed. In fact, a dog that is approached while feeding its puppies may perceive a human hand as a threatening motion towards the puppies. For this reason, the dog may try to bite the person, leading to severe injuries such as hand fractures. Do not approach a dog that is feeding puppies.

If a Dog Turns Aggressive, Move Away Slowly

When a dog starts to turn aggressive, it is always better to walk away slowly than turn and run. Dogs are conditioned to chase objects that are moving quickly, making them good at playing fetch and running after people who are out for a morning jog; however, an aggressive dog will run after fast-moving objects with the intent of attacking them. People need to remember to back away slowly from a dog that has turned aggressive and not make eye contact. Running away quickly could cause the dog to chase and inflict extreme trauma.

Do Not Leave Children Alone with an Unfamiliar Dog

Many families will invest in pets to teach their kids some degree of responsibility; however, just because a child knows how to take care of their family dog doesn’t mean that they should be left alone with an unfamiliar dog. Young children do not know how to tell if a dog will like being played with. Furthermore, they also don’t know how the owner will feel about having a child approach their dog. Do not leave children alone with unfamiliar dogs because it could lead to serious injuries if the dog doesn’t like kids, especially if the dog is larger. Kids could wind up with pediatric wrist and hand fractures. Supervise kids when they are in the presence of an unfamiliar dog.

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