Predicting Auto Accident Survival Rates

Predicting Auto Accident Survival Rates

Predicting Auto Accident Survival Rates

Predicting Auto Accident Survival Rates – Countless people all over the country depend on motor vehicles to transport them safely from place to place on a daily basis. Whether it is for school, work, or to run errands around town, cars are essential for everyday life. Because of this, it is important for everyone to make sure that they arrive at their destination safely every time they drive a car. Unfortunately, auto accidents are common. According to some statistics published by Statista:

  • There are almost 264 million vehicles registered in the United States.
  • There are close to 220 million registered drivers in this country.
  • In 2015, there were close to 6.3 million car accidents that led to injuries, fatalities, or property damage in the United States.
  • About 11 people out of every 100,000 were killed in a car accident in 2015.

These statistics show that despite everyone’s best efforts, car accidents are still a significant problem. While some people emerge from car accidents unscathed, there are still many others killed in these collisions.

Predicting Fatalities in an Auto Accident

study was recently conducted to review the predictors of fatality in a motor vehicle accident. The study was done as a database search for severe car accidents resulting in one or more fatalities. Ultimately, the researchers found several factors to be predictors of death in a car accident:

  • Speed: Unsurprisingly, speed plays a major role in whether or not someone survives a crash. The faster cars move, the more likely it is that one or more people are killed on impact.
  • Point of Impact: In addition, the point of impact on a motor vehicle also plays a significant role. If the car was rear-ended, it is less likely to result in death than if the point of impact was located at the side.
  • Weather: The weather also plays an essential part in the severity of an accident. Collisions that take place during extreme temperatures are more likely to result in a fatality than those that occur under a clear sky.

Assistance from a Lawyer

When people are involved in an auto accident, there is always the chance that they could suffer injuries or, possibly, even be killed. When this happens, the entire family is be placed under a large amount of stress. It is essential for everyone to know that they can reach out to a car accident lawyer in Sacramento for help. An experienced lawyer has both the expertise and the resources that are necessary to help families in their time of need. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance because you and your family could be entitled to financial compensation.

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Predicting Auto Accident Survival Rates:

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