Placerville Traumatic Bicycle Accidents

Placerville Traumatic Bicycle Accidents

More and more people are choosing to ride their bikes as a regular form of transportation, but using a bicycle on public roads comes with the risk of being injured in a collision with a motor vehicle. Cyclists are also liable to suffer injuries during falls or in crashes caused by roadway hazards, faulty bicycle parts, and more. Because bicycles don’t offer riders much protection, it is common for cyclists involved in accidents to suffer major injuries. Learning about what these injuries are and how they are likely to happen is important for those who want to make sure they cycle safely.

Bicycle Accident Information

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 2 percent of fatal vehicle accidents in the united states involve a cyclist, and it is estimated that over 65 million people are killed in bicycle accidents every year. The number of injured cyclists is difficult to know because many injured bicycle riders don’t seek hospital care for their injuries. Furthermore, cyclists have been shown to be much more likely to suffer a serious or fatal injury during a crash.

Types of Bicycle Injuries

Many different injuries can happen because of a bicycle accident. The most common injuries are sustained in accidents where drivers turn in front of cyclists or cut them off, forcing them into a collision. Some of the injury types commonly seen in these types of crashes include:

  • Bone Fractures: Bones in the arms and legs are especially vulnerable during a bike accident, especially because cyclists tend to try to protect themselves with their extremities. While these injuries can be minor, many bone fractures will take a long period of time to heal and can leave accident survivors with chronic pain or limited mobility. In the worst cases, bone fractures can cause blood loss or infection that cost people their lives.
  • Neck Injuries: Nerves, tendons, vertebrae, and muscles in the neck can easily be injured in a crash. Neck injuries can be very serious and often leave people with severe pain that can last for months and even years. In the worst cases, neck injuries can cause paralysis or even death.
  • Road Rash: These injuries are usually less serious, but can be very painful and expose people to the risk of dangerous infections. Severe road rash can also cause major scarring.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: This is one of the most severe types of injuries that can happen during a bicycle accident. Brain injuries can be caused by a few different types of trauma such as concussions, puncture wounds, and skull fractures and can involve a very large variety of different symptoms.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: When the spinal cord is damaged, people are often left with intense pain, limited mobility, and paralysis that can affect the whole body. Coping after a spinal injury can be especially difficult.


Many of the people who are injured during a Placerville bicycle accident are able to receive compensation from negligent parties. These parties can include reckless drivers, the makers of faulty bicycle parts, governments responsible for keeping roads safe, and more. However, the process of claiming compensation can be complicated, and it is best to have the help of a professional to make sure that you receive fair payment. A seasoned Placerville bicycle accident attorney will be able to explain the details of your case to you and can help you get an idea of what your options might be.

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