Placerville Hit-and-Run Crash With Reported Injuries

Hit-and-Run Crash Occurs on Cold Springs Road Intersection 

A hit-and-run crash with reported injuries occurred at a Placerville intersection on December 29. The accident happened around 12:16 p.m. at Cold Springs and Coolwater Creek roads. A Mazda and Honda were involved in the crash, with the second vehicle leaving the scene of the accident, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Authorities Seek Identity of Hit-and-Run Driver

The Mazda presented a traffic hazard and was towed from the scene. No details were provided about injuries in the collision. The CHP is investigating to locate the fleeing driver and determine how the crash occurred.

The Search for Fleeing Drivers

The location of the fleeing driver is essential in order to hold them accountable when someone is injured by them. Since my law firm is determined to locate these fleeing drivers, we have successfully located a number of them over the years. 

We believe it is hard enough to deal with the physical and emotional trauma of accident injuries. Medical bills and lost wages should not have to be paid by the injured person, and the pain and suffering they have endured should be compensated as well. In order to support a client’s injury claim, we search for the fleeing driver and collect evidence to locate them as well as support our client’s claim for compensation, including:

  • As part of our investigation, our investigators gather evidence at the scene of the accident, so the hit-and-run driver can be identified and compensation can be sought for our client.
  • Immediately after a collision, performing an accident reconstruction shows how it occurred and often indicates which driver was negligent.
  • Errors in the police report can affect the compensation claim of the client, so it is examined for mistakes.
  • A check of surveillance cameras in the area is conducted to determine if the hit-and-run was recorded. The driver and vehicle can be identified using this information.
  • It is important to interview any witnesses to the accident. Witnesses have sometimes recorded the collision on their cell phones as it occurred. A witness may also be able to describe the driver or identify the vehicle in some cases.

Covering Your Expenses with Insurance

There are a number of California drivers who carry insurance to cover the damages caused by other drivers who are uninsured or underinsured. This is because a high percentage of Californians lack auto insurance of any type, and this helps provide extra coverage if you’re hit and injured. The policy can cover your expenses in the event the driver is located but does not have the ability to pay for your accident injuries. 

The add-on policy can also be used if the fleeing driver isn’t found. The uninsured/underinsured policy can still be used if another family member has it instead of you. Future rates are not affected by the use of this add-on policy.

Placerville Car Accident Lawyer

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