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Penn Valley Traffic Accident Results in Injuries

Accident on Chaparral Drive With Reported Ejection From Vehicle

A serious traffic accident occurred east of Grass Valley on January 28. The accident report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the collision occurred around 4:15 p.m. along Chaparral Drive in the Penn Valley area. Emergency responders were sent by the Nevada County Supervisors Office to the scene of the accident, where a possible ejection was reported with one party pinned. The medics determined that this patient had suffered moderate injuries and transported them to a hospital for treatment and additional evaluation. 

Why Some Vehicles Are More Apt to Experience a Rollover

A rollover traffic accident is one of the most dangerous types of collisions. This is because the people inside are often thrown around the vehicle as it rolls, striking against the windows, dash, steering wheel and metal parts of the interior. Light trucks, vans, and SUVs are the most likely vehicles to experience a rollover because of their high centers of gravity. However, any vehicle can roll over if it is struck at just the right angle and speed. 

Causes of Ejection in a Traffic Accident

Ejection from a motor vehicle during an accident is usually through a window, door or windshield. Being ejected from a moving vehicle often causes serious injuries or results in a fatality. Most of the time, the person who is ejected is not wearing their seat belt, but other causes can result in the individual being thrown out of the vehicle, including:

  • The vehicle was a convertible, had a sunroof or a weakened roof structure.
  • The window glass was weak and didn’t remain intact during a rollover.
  • The door latch malfunctioned and came open, allowing the occupant to be ejected.
  • The strap or latch of the seat belt was defective and let go.

When defective auto parts played a role in a traffic accident, the vehicle should be retained. In this way, engineers can examine it to determine if a defective part caused the trauma. The manufacturer and others in the production line may be held liable for damages through filing an auto product liability claim

Roof Crush Increases the Severity of Injuries

Roof crush is a serious hazard that occurs in some rollover accidents. Auto manufacturers are expected to follow government standards so that a vehicle’s roof will not cave in during a rollover, however, not all of them do. Because roof crush reduces the survival space in a vehicle, traumatic brain injuries and fatalities are more likely to occur. Again, the manufacturer may be held financially liable for the trauma in these instances. Retaining the vehicle following a rollover traffic accident is important so that it can be examined by professionals.

Roadway Negligence as a Cause of a Traffic Accident

Roadways that are poorly maintained can lead to a rollover traffic accident. When this happens, the government entity charged with its maintenance may be held financially responsible by filing an auto product liability claim. Some of the ways in which a rollover can occur due to poor maintenance may include:

  • A car that hits a deep pothole can end up experiencing a serious traffic accident.
  • Guardrails are designed to direct a vehicle back to the road, however, one that is damaged or weakened can’t do its job and causes a more serious collision.
  • Poor overhead lighting after dark can cause an accident, especially if it is raining or snowing.
  • Missing signage can lead to a traffic accident by misleading the driver.

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