Penetrating Spine Injury Following Motorcycle Accidents

Penetrating Spine Injury Following Motorcycle Accidents

Penetrating Spine Injury Following Motorcycle Accidents

Penetrating Spine Injury Following Motorcycle Accidents – There are many risks that people take whenever they set foot inside a car or mount a motorcycle. One of these is the possibility of being involved in an auto accident. While the risk of injury is real with any motor vehicle accident, the risk is taken to a completely new level when someone has an accident while riding a motorcycle. According to statistics published by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • In 2013, motorcycle accidents involved alcohol more than a quarter of the time.
  • About 40 percent of those who were riding motorcycles and subsequently died were impaired by alcohol.
  • Motorcycle accidents that occurred at night were more likely to be fatal than those during the day.
  • Accidents in states without helmet laws were more likely to be fatal than those in states with helmet laws.
  • About a quarter of people killed in motorcycle accidents did not have a valid motorcycle license.

These statistics only paint a small part of the large picture involving motorcycle accidents. Even those who aren’t killed can wind up with injuries that can permanently impact the rest of their life.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several common reasons that someone could be involved in a motorcycle accident. Some of these include:

  • Poor visibility at night
  • Precipitation that makes the roads slick
  • Taking curves at a high speed
  • Manufacturing issues related to the control and handling of a motorcycle
  • Heavy rain and snow that impacts someone’s ability to see
  • Distracted driving

With so many different reasons that someone could be involved in a motorcycle accident, it is clear that accidents can happen at any time. Some of these accidents can even lead to serious injuries. One example is a spinal cord injury.

Injuries of the Spine from Penetrating Trauma in Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can lead to numerous possible injuries, and some of these are due to penetrating trauma. Some of the common sources of penetrating trauma in a motorcycle accident include:

  • Glass from the motorcycle or the road
  • Penetrating wounds from a piece of metal
  • Pieces of rock and asphalt on the road
  • Construction equipment, supplies, and tools left on the side of the road

In some cases, these objects can even impale someone in the back. For this reason, people should always wear the proper safety gear. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always completely protect someone. Sometimes, penetrating injuries can injure the spinal cord. This can lead to permanent complications that could impact the entire family.

Living with Complications of a Spinal Cord Injury

Once a spinal cord injury has been diagnosed (often on an MRI scan), families need to learn how to manage the complications. Some of the common issues that arise include:

  • Assessing and adjusting to a new “normal”
  • An inability to return to work
  • Managing frequent subspecialty appointments

Spinal cord injuries cover a wide range of severity ranging from mild motor or sensory impairments to complete paralysis. Sometimes, it can take time to figure out what an individual’s new baseline level of functioning will be. In some cases, an intense level of physical therapy can help someone regain some of their lost function. In other cases, individuals could be confined to a wheelchair.

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Penetrating Spine Injury Following Motorcycle Accidents:

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