North Highlands Train Accident Kills Pedestrian

Pedestrian Killed in North Highlands Train Accident Near Walerga Road

A pedestrian was killed in a North Highlands train accident near an overpass on November 29. According to a Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District spokesman, the crash occurred near the Walerga Road intersection with Roseville Road. The pedestrian was confirmed as deceased and was identified as male. However, no additional details have been made available to the public. 

Investigation Conducted on Cause of North Highlands Train Accident

A spokesperson for the Union Pacific Railroad confirmed the fatal accident. The train route runs parallel to Roseville Road and under the overpass at Walerga Road. An investigation into the cause of the accident is being conducted by officials with Union Pacific and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Liability in a Pedestrian Death Caused by a Train

If railroad companies fail to protect pedestrians from foreseeable harm, they can be held liable for the death of a pedestrian. In some cases, the railroad may install safety measures such as fencing and warning signs along train tracks or in other areas where it has equipment that people may come into contact with. An accident could also result in liability if those safety measures are not maintained properly.

Train Collisions and Compensation for Pedestrian Fatalities

Typically, railroad companies are held responsible for compensating decedents’ families when the North Highlands train accident was their fault. Compensation can include lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering if it is determined that their negligence caused the pedestrian’s death. 

The Type of Negligence in a Train Collision Determines Liability

It is also possible for a railroad company to be liable for injuries or fatalities in a North Highlands train accident caused by those who work for them. It is also possible for railroad workers to be held responsible for accidents that occur as a result of not maintaining safety measures or failing to warn of impending dangers.

Recovery of Damages After the Death of a Family Member

The family of the deceased pedestrian can seek legal advice after an incident that took their loved one’s life in an accident involving a train to determine their rights and find out whether they can file a wrongful death claim. Money cannot replace a loved one’s life and ease your grief when they are killed as a result of negligence. Nevertheless, securing accountability from the responsible parties can help prevent similar occurrences. It can also help the family because they often face financial stress from this unexpected loss.

The following video provides an overview of wrongful death claims from accident lawyer Ed Smith:

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