Pedestrian Killed in Citrus Heights Intersection

Pedestrian Killed in Citrus Heights Intersection

Pedestrian Killed in Citrus Heights Intersection

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights pedestrian accident lawyer. A woman crossing an intersection in Citrus Heights died March 28 after she was struck by a vehicle making a turn there. The intersection was closed for approximately five hours while officers from the Citrus Heights Police Department investigated the scene of the crash.

What Happened

The rush hour accident happened at about 4:30 in the afternoon at Auburn Boulevard and Greenback Lane. According to reports, the woman had entered the crosswalk against the walk light. A  raised truck, waiting in the left turn lane, struck her after proceeding when the light turned green. First responders, upon arrival at the crash site, tried to help the woman but were unable to.

Comments by Local Residents

According to a passerby, the driver did not spot the pedestrian. A local resident who is a truck driver said the advantage of a high vehicle is the larger field of vision, however, the driver should have looked both ways for pedestrian activity before proceeding. The resident also pointed out that big trucks have big blind spots.

The driver of Truck Cooperates With Local Police

The driver of the lifted truck was cooperative with local police after the tragedy. Drugs and alcohol consumption were not believed to be involved in the accident.

Fault in a Pedestrian Accident

Because California is a comparative fault state under California Civil Code 1714(a), everyone in California is responsible for injuries incurred through their “want of care.” In other words, if the negligent actions of one individual causes an injury or the death of another person, the family may be able to recover financial compensation through a personal injury claim. Since both parties may be partially at fault, the fault is assigned as a percentage. For example, one individual may be 80 percent at fault, while the other is 20 percent at fault. In that case, the person 80 percent at fault could still collect 20 percent of the damages awarded. The individual who is 20 percent at fault would collect 80 percent.

Pedestrian Fatality Along Auburn Boulevard in 2015

Watch YouTube Video ~ A vehicle struck a pedestrian back in 2015 along Auburn Boulevard at Whyte Avenue in Citrus Heights. In that incident, the driver stayed on scene to cooperate with police who had the task of performing a thorough investigation of the sequence of events leading up to the pedestrian fatality. 

Pedestrian Accident Injuries and Fatalities

The California Office of Traffic Safety reported 30 fatalities and injuries to pedestrians involved in traffic accidents in 2015 in Citrus Heights. This was out of the total of 378 traffic accident fatalities and injuries that year. Sacramento County was the scene of 440 pedestrian deaths and injuries in 2015. Forty-eight of those involved in traffic accidents were 65 or older, while 60 were children 14 and younger.

Determining Fault

In cases where the pedestrian is struck while walking on a designated crosswalk, it would have to be determined whether the “do not walk” sign was lit when the pedestrian started across or whether the pedestrian was crossing illegally. In addition, although the light may have turned green for a vehicle making a turn, the driver still has the responsibility to guard against striking a pedestrian. A personal injury attorney who is experienced in pedestrian accidents can conduct an investigation into the details of the crash to determine fault. By using an accident reconstruction specialist, talking to witnesses and using expert witnesses, the attorney can build a strong case for compensation for the pedestrian’s injuries or wrongful death.

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