Sacramento Hit-and-Run Injures Pedestrian on Howe Avenue

Pedestrian Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver Near Cottage Way

A pedestrian was injured in Sacramento on August 9 in a hit-and-run involving a vehicle. The accident occurred on westbound Howe Avenue just east of Cottage Way around 3:43 p.m., according to the collision report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that responded to the incident. Medics with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene of the collision to assess injuries to the walker. 

Authorities Seeking Hit-and-Run Driver Involved in Pedestrian Accident

There was at least one witness to the pedestrian accident who contacted authorities. Information was not provided on whether the pedestrian received medical treatment at the scene or was taken to a hospital. An investigation being conducted by the CHP traffic accident division is determining how the crash occurred and looking for the driver. 

Identifying the Fugitive Driver

If you have been injured by a fleeing motorist, your lawyer may be able to find the motorist who hit you and hold them accountable. It is difficult enough to suffer through injury, be burdened with high medical bills and be unable to work. Those who caused your trauma should be responsible for the costs of your injuries. We have been successful in locating hit-and-run drivers over the years as part of our law firm’s mission. Evidence our investigators search for includes:

  • Our investigators rush to the scene of the hit-and-run as soon as possible so they can collect evidence before it is covered over or removed.
  • At the accident site, paint marks and metal fragments are looked for to determine if the other vehicle left any marks behind. This information can be used to identify the vehicle’s make and model.
  • It is also possible to obtain information from witnesses. Witnesses who saw the accident may have remembered the license plate number or be able to describe the driver of the vehicle. In some instances, a witness taped the accident on their phone.
  • One of the traffic surveillance cameras in the area may have captured footage of an accident. To identify the driver who fled the scene, a subpoena can be issued to obtain the film. 
  • It is possible to reconstruct how the accident occurred by looking at an accident reconstruction. The insurance industry and the court system accept this type of evidence. 

Our accident attorneys can use this compiled information to build an effective compensation claim for their clients.

Insurance Coverage Can Provide Compensation

A person’s uninsured/underinsured policy can cover medical expenses resulting from an auto accident if the other party cannot pay for your damages. This add-on insurance provides protection for drivers, passengers, bicycle riders, and walkers. In the event you don’t take this coverage, you can use the insurance of a member of your immediate family. The policy rates remain unchanged.

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