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Pedestrian Fatality Reported in Elk Grove Following Train Accident

Train Collision With Pedestrian near Elk Grove Boulevard Results in Fatality

A pedestrian fatality occurred on May 24 after the person on foot was hit by a train. The Elk Grove Police Department reported the accident at about 8:46 in the morning north of Elk Grove Boulevard between Walnut Avenue and School Street. The pedestrian reportedly died at the accident scene. An investigation is underway by authorities to determine how the accident occurred.

Trains That Cause a Pedestrian Fatality

Trains are responsible for a number of pedestrian fatalities each year. Although the Department of Transportation does not keep a record of the number, more than 5,800 crashes occur between trains and motor vehicles each year. Railroad crossings are where most pedestrian fatality accidents occur. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • More than 80 percent of the train crossings around the nation lack gates or lights, which makes them inadequate.
  • One-third of all train crossings are not equipped with warning devices.
  • Half or more of all the railroad accidents that occur each year happen at unprotected crossings.
  • Both drivers of motor vehicles and pedestrians have a much higher risk of dying when involved in a train accident.

Investigating a Train Accident Resulting in a Pedestrian Fatality

The Federal Railroad Administration receives reports of all train accidents involving grade crossings and that result in injuries and fatalities. Local police, with the help of FRA investigators, come to the accident to determine how it happened. When a family has lost a loved one due to a train accident, getting the advice of an injury attorney on filing a wrongful death claim who handles these types of accidents can be valuable. 

Examining a Train Accident Pedestrian Fatality

We send out investigators to the scene of the accident as soon as possible to collect evidence to prove a wrongful death claim, working along with other authorities. They will check for evidence such as traffic camera footage that might have captured the accident on video. Missing or faulty warning signals that could have led to the accident are recorded. 

In addition, negligence by the train engineer will be checked, such as using a cell phone, intoxication or speeding. Maintenance records are examined for possible negligence in taking care of the brakes, engine, and other systems. 

When the evidence is gathered, our injury attorneys can either use it to negotiate with the insurance company on the client’s behalf or to prepare a case to take to civil court. In this way, the family of the decedent can obtain fair compensation for their loss.

Elk Grove Wrongful Death Lawyer

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