Pedestrian Fatality Occurs When Man Runs Across Freeway

I-5 Fatal Accident Occurs When Pedestrian Is Struck by Three Vehicles

A pedestrian fatality happened in Sacramento along the interstate when a man was struck by three different vehicles while attempting to cross. The deceased man was identified as age 40. All three motorists stayed at the accident scene and were reported as cooperating with authorities.

Further Information About the Pedestrian Fatality Accident

According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened at around 4:30 in the morning along the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 south of the exit for West El Camino Avenue. Investigators into the accident said that the pedestrian was attempting to run to the highway’s right side from the center divider when a pickup struck him in the number two lane. The crash’s impact threw the pedestrian into the fourth lane, and he was struck by several other vehicles. The pedestrian died at the accident scene.

Interstate Closed for Two Hours During Investigation

According to authorities, neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as factors with the drivers. The pedestrian’s identity will not be released until the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has notified the deceased’s family. Except for one, the interstate’s southbound lanes were shut down for around two hours while an investigation into the crash was conducted. Any witnesses to the pedestrian fatality accident are asked to phone the North Sacramento CHP office with any information they might have.

Driver Responsibility

Drivers are obliged to be alert for pedestrians, accidents ahead, or anything else that might require them to slow down to avoid a collision. This is true on city streets and on a high-speed freeway. There are many reasons why a driver might fail in this responsibility, such as:

  • Distracted driving: Drivers who are focusing on GPS, their cell phone, or the radio rather than the road ahead are considered distracted. At highway speeds, this can be disastrous. It takes approximately 5 seconds for a driver traveling at highway speeds to cover the distance occupied by a football field. This is also the average time it takes to read or write a normal text. 
  • Speeding: Driving at a speed over the stated limit or even the speed limit in inclement weather can be considered speeding. This can make it impossible for the motorist to stop in time if necessary. On a busy highway, this could result in a rear-end accident or a pedestrian fatality.
  • Drunk driving: An intoxicated driver is unable to judge distance and speed accurately. Due to this inability, the driver will be unable to stop in time. 

Liability in a Pedestrian Fatality

A motorist is obligated to be aware of what is happening around them, be it another vehicle, pedestrian, or motorcyclist. While the latter entities are less visible than a motor vehicle, this obligation still exists. Because of that, in most instances, the driver is considered to be at fault. Even if the injured party bears some of the blame, the primary obligation rests with the motorist. 

Our firm carefully investigates the accident to determine liability using accident reconstruction techniques and obtaining the crash videos from surveillance cameras. We contact and question witnesses as well as review police records for mistakes.

The Tragedy of a Pedestrian Fatality

The family of a pedestrian killed in a motor vehicle accident faces the grief, anger, and loss the fatality causes. The sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one has physical, emotional, and financial components that are difficult to overcome. Clergy, medical professionals, and close friends and family might be able to help. Some ways to do that include:

  • Call the family and offer your condolences.
  • Let the decedent’s loved ones know you are there for them. 
  • Offer to do errands for them.
  • Let the family know you can accompany them to make arrangements for their loved one’s funeral and burial.
  • Don’t forget to visit or call after the funeral since most families need the company.

How a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Helps

A wrongful death lawsuit can help the family with the financial issues they face after a loved one’s demise. This includes funeral and burial expenses, loss of the decedent’s support, and the love and encouragement the deceased provided.

Attorney Ed Smith explains more about a wrongful death claim in the following video:


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