Pedestrian Dies in Elk Grove Hit-and-Run

Police Discover Deceased Pedestrian in Roadway

A hit-and-run collision in Elk Grove on March 29 caused the death of a 53-year old pedestrian. Authorities responded to phone calls of someone in the road around 8:35 p.m. along Elk Grove Boulevard close to Shorelake Drive, where they discovered the deceased pedestrian. The roadway was shut down between East Taron and Four Winds drives as an investigation was conducted by officers with the Elk Grove Police Department, which lasted throughout the night. 

Investigation Underway to Locate Hit-and-Run Driver

By Wednesday morning, the eastbound lanes of Elk Grove Boulevard were reopened, but the westbound side still remained closed. Jason Jimenez, a sergeant on the Elk Grove police force, said they were asking anyone with information about the accident to contact local authorities. 

We have learned that a 17-year-old male was arrested for allegedly causing the death of the 53-year old pedestrian.

Why Drivers Leave the Scene of an Accident

Hit-and-run drivers have become more common all across the country. Although a responsible person would remain at the scene and call for help, some drivers flee. Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

  • The hit-and-run driver has outstanding warrants
  • The motorist lacks insurance or their driver’s license is expired
  • The vehicle is stolen
  • The driver is carrying illegal items in the car, such as unregistered guns or drugs
  • The driver simply panics and leaves

Why Locating a Hit-and-Run Driver Is Important

Families are often left in shock when a loved one dies due to a fleeing driver. They wonder how and why the accident happened and feel their loved one was disrespected when the driver left without calling for help. Although family members are deep in grief and confused, it usually doesn’t occur to them until later that their loss will also have financial repercussions. 

At, our lawyers and staff understand what you are going through. We firmly believe that a hit-and-run driver should be located if at all possible and held responsible for their actions. The family can do this by filing a wrongful death claim. Over the years, we have successfully located a number of fleeing drivers by doing the following:

  • Our investigators comb the accident scene to find evidence on the identity of the vehicle that caused the fatality or injury, such as paint marks and metal pieces. 
  • Witnesses are interviewed and can often describe the vehicle and driver.
  • Traffic and business cameras in the area are examined to see if the hit-and-run was caught on tape.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed.

Recovery of Damages Following a Wrongful Death

Family members who can join in a wrongful death claim include the surviving spouse and children. They may recover:

  • The cost of the funeral/burial expenses can be recovered.
  • Salary or wages the decedent earned are recoverable until their normal age of retirement, including the deceased person’s pension and insurance benefits, tips, bonuses and other monies.
  • The spouse can recover compensation for the loss of consortium and emotional support the decedent provided.
  • Children in the family may recover compensation for the loss of nurturing and guidance the deceased person provided. This includes natural or adopted children as well as stepchildren who received at least 50 percent of their support from the deceased person.
  • The value of household services the decedent provided can be recovered, which may include areas such as tax preparation, lawn care and others. 

Elk Grove Wrongful Death Attorneys

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